Mongoose: Deep State, Shadow State, and Trump Progress

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An alert reader provides a summary below the fold — worth a full read!

ome say that “Q” is the horse's mouth (Trump = POTUS = President Of The US). Listen to the stunning revelations, long before they (hopefully) become general knowledge. Stop at minute 42. The rest is a waste of time. Thanks Darrel Waldthausen, for finding and passing this along.

Louisa has trouble understanding why Trump is doing the Deep State's bidding in the Middle East and Korea. I have learned that the simple answer is this: There is a distinction between the “Deep State” and the “Shadow Government”, both ruling and destroying the US (and the planet) for their own selfish purposes.

According to this brilliant article on Zero Hedge:                          Trump needs the (reluctant and unwitting?) support of the DS in his priority war with the SG.

DS = Military-Industrial-Security Complex, Corporate and Banking Lobby = Corrupted Congress, Netanyahu/Putin = Jesuits, Freemasons & Rothschilds

SG = Intelligence (and Media) complex, which controls 90% of the politicians by blackmail, controls the international drug trade, giving them an illicit “private/independent” income of around a trillion dollars annually.

Each of these groups has their inside fraternities of people with a conscience (white hats helping Trump), but the SG, which was in charge via Obama and Hillary was clearly much more dangerous for America, because of their end goal of a communist, monopolist, globalist, anti-human, depopulation tyranny, as you can hear in the YouTube discussion mentioned in the top line link.

Let me post a quote from that Zero Hedge article to illustrate the dangerous game Trump is playing:
“Trump’s continued needling of the (SG) establishment; playing the long game and demonizing the media which is the tip of the Shadow Government’s spear while strengthening the support of both the military (through his backing them at every turn) and his base by assisting them in destroying the false narratives of globalism has been nothing short of amazing.”

The three big weapons Trump is/will be wielding against the SG establishment are a) the thousands of indictments for widespread pedophilia/murderous Satanic rituals, b) the revelations of the corrupt SG FBI/Justice department (FISA)-spying against his campaign and c) the bribery scandal about the sale of 20% of American uranium mining capacity to Russia, which has Hillary, Obama, Comey and Mueller at its epicenter.

Kennedy paid with his life for challenging the hated SG shadow government, probably because he made the mistake of going against the DS Deep State at the same time (anti Vietnam war, anti Federal Reserve and anti Israel nuclear bomb building capacity).

Let us pray and hope that Trump survives his private war (on behalf of humanity) against this Mafia. He presently has three extraordinary weapons at his disposal and a political chess-playing capacity bordering on genius (his IQ is supposedly 156)….

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