Henry Siegman: Zionism Strike 10 — The Implications of President Trump’s Jerusalem Ploy

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Henry Siegman

The Implications of President Trump’s Jerusalem Ploy

No country has a right to grab territory outside its own borders, whether for its capital or a parking lot. So the issue is not the status of Jerusalem as a capital, but whether Jerusalem is within Israel’s borders. It is not. That is so because both the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice (in its Wall Decision of 2004) ruled unanimously that territory beyond the pre-1967 Armistice line—which is where East Jerusalem is located—does not belong to Israel, and that changes in the pre-1967 Armistice line can only be made by agreement between the two contending parties.

There is an additional problem. While West Jerusalem is within Israel’s pre-1967 Armistice line, the UN’s Partition Plan of 1947 (which was cited by Israel’s Declaration of Independence as the source of Israel’s legitimacy) explicitly excludes Jerusalem from the territory assigned to these two states, declaring it to be a corpus separatum, a separate entity to be placed under international jurisdiction.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: When I ran briefly for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party in 2012, I was the only candidate — from any party — to announce a Coalition Cabinet. Henry Siegman was my choice for Ambassador to Israel then, and he remains my choice now. The continued occupation of the US economy, government, and society by Zionists who are neo-Nazi in their nature — and totally divorced from the precepts or best interests of Judaism — is coming to an end. Among many minds, Henry Siegman stands out.  He is joined by Shlomo Sands and Gary Fields.  I have accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker in Tehran on 3 March on the topic of Palestine [Administrative Note: both the FBI's Washington Field Office and the Department of State will be fully advised and I am volunteering for a lifestyle polygraph on my return — CIA Security has told me that are “not a travel agency” and have no interest in my travels given my long separation from that organization]. I will use the occasion to integrate my process of holistic analytics and true cost economics with the best evidence-based information I can gather on the history and current situation of Palestine which is — as Gandhi remarked, (belonging) to the Palestinians as France is to the French. The era of fake history, like the era of fake news and false flag as well as fake intelligence, is coming to an end.  I am happy to do what I can to hasten that end. My speech will be published free online in video and written form, and be added to the Trump Revolution Series — our President, in my view, fully understands the toxicity of Zionism and will in good time bury Zionism at home and abroad. Mike Pence, among others, continues to lie to our President and mislead him on the facts, both historical and present. If and when President Trump gets an Open Source Agency with a 200 million strong Trump Channel, he will find himself empowered a thousand times over.

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