Kim Dotcom: Deep State and Obama/Clinton Are the Enemy…

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Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Goes Scorched Earth On Obama, Hillary and the Deep State For Destroying Civil Liberties in the United States

“The deep state favored a Clinton presidency because CIA & NSA powers massively expanded under Democrat leadership. They had laxity and wanted to maintain the status quo. The first black President did more harm to your rights than any other President, and he did it with a smile,” tweeted Dotcom.

On Saturday, Dotcom said he believes the Deep State is a larger foe to the American people than Russia and China.

“The biggest enemy of the US isn’t Russia, China or Trumps effort to have good relations with them. Your biggest enemy is a deep state that profits from conflict. CIA is a business. Every war, terror attack and crisis means more money for them. So they cause war, terror and crisis,” the internet entrepreneur tweeted.

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Phi Beta Iota: He is completely correct about the Deep State being the greatest enemy of the US, the Constitution, and the American public, but incorrect about CIA, which is merely a part of the Shadow Government, the best of the servant class along with the two-party tyranny.

Here is the concise definition of each:

DEEP STATE: Generally defined as the descendants of Caesar, the Vatican, the Rothschilds, and the Chabad Jews, using the highest elements of the Freemasons and Knights of Malta as “fixers” and Central Banks, City of London, and Wall Street as “managers.”

SHADOW GOVERNMENT: The “best of the servant class” generally defined as the two-party political elite being bribed and blackmailed to disenfranchise 70% of the voters while legalizing high crimes by the banks; and select bureaucrats especially in the national security and law enforcement communities, along with judges who protect traitors, pedophiles, and white collar criminals.

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