Review (Guest): Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

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Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

Book Series Review by Joseph Hart

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The Lipstick and War Crimes Books by Ray Songtree are the perfect bridge between millenials and their parents and grandparents. The older generations will be able to introduce the younger to a history of media and culture that is never discussed and was never told in school. While pop celebrity connections will draw in the young, a young person can hand the books to grandparents to discover deep history from their own youth. Who knew that all the leaders in World War II were placed?   Who knew that the gay revolution was funded, or that feminist Gloria Steinem was a CIA agent? All ages will be surprised and, dare I say, angered, for none of us like being manipulated.

A person confident in their take on life, as we know it, and who is proudly comfortable with their view, may not be able to read these books.  The normalized coordinates of intelligence are questioned. The “reality” we have perceived throughout our lives might be shattered. Cognitive dissonance might not allow some to see clearly what was fed directly into our values. It might be hard to believe that the power structure has intentionally deprived us of free choice. We were spoon fed. We were shaped.

Could it be that abject consumerism was really the mainstay of a comfortable person’s idea of success?  While we thought we were free, our priorities were “engineered” to serve the masters we are barely conscious of. These books expose those masters and their plans as well as the results. From environment to braziers, Songtree shows us how corruption operates.

The author describes how insidious and invisible these influences have been and how they continue through the present day.

I had grown up during the same decades as the author. And while I, indeed, had many questions, I hadn’t been given this kind of research to give me understanding.

Many will begin to read this book and have an attack of cognitive dissonance and dismiss its contents straightaway because it is quite shocking. For example, who knew that Barack Obama’s mother and father were CIA agents? Many more will read the jacket and dismiss it as “pop rubbish.” Others will immediately reject historical research as “conspiracy theory” (just as YOU have been engineered to do). But if read with an open mind and heart, one cannot deny that the contents are dense with logic and truth. The glossary redefines may common words in a context that is profound.  These books are not superficial at all.

The connection made between the entertainment industry, publishing industry, medical establishment, education, and finance all come together with the glorified icons and “stars” of screen, television, politics and music.

The historical evidence presented cannot be dismissed as coincidence but rather as a concerted effort by the elite, who wish to control humanity by removing natural morals from the equation. Youth are actively taught to toss out modesty and to pursue carnal excitement. Subsequently we grow up distracted and dumbed down to larger and more serious issues that have long term effects on our lives. The author shows us how this is done.

In less than one generation between 1976 and 1996, priorities of women became inverted! In 1976, the family came first, while career came second, but just twenty years later, the exact opposite was true. How did this come about? The books show us the instigators and the method.

I was surprised to learn that the percentage of children born out of wedlock has risen from about 5% in the 1950’s to 50% today. Children now, have little if any example of a committed relationship or the importance of fathering. Even marriages that survive usually have a working mother so that parenting becomes a blurred responsibility. This is shown to be intentional. Songtree calls this “destabilization” for the purpose of “consolidation.”

For me personally, this book taught me it was a mistake to continue to buy in to the sexual lust program that was fed to me as I grew up. How surprised I was to learn that Playboy Magazine was a CIA operation! When I was very young, I was taught, “Get an education, find a career that pays, find a wife and raise a family.” But the message changed to drugs, sex and rock and roll!  I learned who promoted this message and about their criminal rituals and symbols.

For myself, I know that my life didn’t turn out as I would have had it. And now, with help of these books, I can actually trace the steps that I took to accepting destructive values.  I was socially engineered!  This is a big wake up for all readers. I thought I was being the smart one, the “cool” one; that I was the one leading the revolution.  I learned that I had been swept along by an organized tide, and so has every celebrity and politician. And I learned the price of resistance. I learned that Whitney Houston was murdered for a pre-planned 2012 Grammy awards satanic ritual in order to terrorize the entire music industry, for they are all indeed in a club and forced to conform or be sidelined.  As I mentioned, this is all quite alarming.

The author gives us an image trail with numerous color photos, leading the reader down previously unknown roads. At first it will surprise you. Then it will get you angry, before it finally produces a new “eye of discernment” that is immeasurably valuable. The books make us all researchers, not sheep.

The historical evidence the author presents and his present-day review of entertainment and “progress” crystalizes into a realization that an actual plan to transform society has shaped every one of us.

The evidence and logic presented is irrefutable and the motives of the criminally insane provocateurs that are running “the show” is presented in such a way that you will want to pass this book along to a friend and hope that they will pass it along as well.

The Lipstick and War Crime series bridges pop culture and international policy. The reader will no longer accept gender sculpting or wars overseas without deep questioning. The books make us each wiser and less able to be manipulated. We don’t just learn facts, we learn how to choose wisely.  And the books inspire hope.  Since there is evil, the outrage against evil shows us our goodness.

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