Yoda: 2018 – Is Mike Pence Right or Wrong on Holding House and Senate?

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Wrong, think we.

Pence: Republicans Will Maintain Majorities in House, Senate After 2018

Behind Pence’s plan to rescue the Republican majority in 2018

Pence: ‘We have our work cut out for us' in 2018 midterm elections

Phi Beta Iota: Our preliminary calculations show a combination of John McCain dying or resigning, pedophilia and child murder  revelations most of which will not be from the President, and the reality of 23% unemployment continuing, giving the Democrats both the House and a 1-2 seat majority in the Senate, possibly including a few “Independents” who are actually sheep-dipped Democrats (similar to Bernie Sanders). The UNKNOWNS are  two:

01 Will the Democrats bury Nancy Pelosi deep deep underground and reconnect with blacks and Labor and Latinos across the country, not only in New York and California?  In a two-party system in which so many despise Donald Trump, taking back the House should be a cake-walk and taking back the Senate with all the Republican resignations and more to come, do-able.

02 Will Donald Trump realize that Mike Pence is stabbing him in the back every day (Pence's national tour is actually about Pence replacing Trump and taking over the donor networks), and instead embrace #UNRIG, introduce the Election Reform Act, create the 200 million strong Trump Channel, and not abdicate outreach to the 99% and the donor networks to Mike Pence?

WILD CARD: There are troubling early signs that the President might allow mis-use of the NSA data to blackmail selected Democratic as well as Republican Members — taking over the NSA blackmail role for GOP benefit. Look for a couple of Democrats to “switch” overnight from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. If GOP is clever he will keep most of the switchers in reserve for later. If the NSA data is mis-used in this way, this fact will be exposed and will accelerate the public desire to destroy both parties.

At this time we see neither intelligence nor integrity in either the Republican or the Democratic approach to elections and governance.

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