Norie Huddle: Steve Bannon on Crypto = True Freedom

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Norie Huddle

This is a wow:

Ex-Trump Adviser Bannon Says Cryptocurrency Will Bring ‘True Freedom’

Robert, in my mind the Bannon story ties together with a blog post Armstrong made today about liquidity:

Tie in this, too:

Interbank Market Collapsing

But what’s going on is far more than a change in the money system. The blockchain technology can eliminate most of bureaucracy and, thus, much of government’s paper-pushing. In this, Estonia seems to be the country to watch because of how it used the blockchain to dramatically reduce bureacracy and transform government.

e-estonia: we have built a digital society and so can you

Combine these two – cryptocurrencies and blockchain for contracts (etc), and just imagine how this could start happening at the state level in the US – as a peaceful revolution – individual state cryptocurrencies, perhaps issued by a state-owned bank (Ellen Brown has written a lot about the Bank of North Dakota) and the massive reduction of bureacracy, releasing people to do real work.

And the blockchain can allow voting that is more real, too – of course with a paper trail.

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