Penguin: 40 Years Late, USG Sniffs at Open Source

Dare To Be Free!

Still lip service, but a start.

Disruptive by Design: Invigorating Government Open Source Contributions

The U.S. government is likely the largest combined producer and consumer of software in the world. The code to build that software is volatile, expensive and oftentimes completely hidden from view. Most people only see the end result: the compiled and packaged application or website. However, a massive worldwide community, the Open Source Initiative, centers on the exact opposite.

Phi Beta Iota: The US Government (USG) as a whole is both completely dishonest at the leadership level and completely inept (but honest) at the worker-bee level. The ranks are not happy with their leadership — they know full well they have been retarded by design — it is more important for the “leaders” to keep the money moving and the budget growing than to actually do their mission. The USG is about to suffer a second major collapse as #GoogleGestapo (including Amazon and Amazon's cloud) both collapse under the weight of their own lack of integrity, intelligence, and imagination. We are starting over.  The USG will once again be the retard locked in the closet — big, expensive, and stupid.  And this is just in the software arena — they still have not figured out that open source has nine major domains and twenty seven critical sub-domains.

See Especially:

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#GoogleGestapo: References on Google Censorship (Including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) – A Work in Progress

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