Princess Nakamaru of Japan: Trump Meeting with Kim Jong-un Going Forward, Message from China — Could A Particular Non-State Force Be Decisive?

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Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, Chair of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace and Donald Trump’s Biggest Fan in Japan – “He unified the Koreas and is respected as the first President not controlled by the Illuminati.”

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru called Robert David Steele at 6:00 am this morning (Eastern time) to discuss the recent treatment of Kim Jong-un in China, and the message this holds for Donald Trump during his own forthcoming meeting with Kim Jong-un that the Deep State is trying desperately to stop.

Point #1: The extraordinary manner in which General Secretary Xi Jinping treated Kim Jong-un was a sign of how he will be treated following the unification of the Koreas. The deal is done, including denuclearization.

Point #2: The extraordinary manner in which General Secretary Xi Jingping honored Jim Jong-un is an example for Donald Trump to follow. We both agree that Trump must continue to follow his instincts and ignore all of his Deep State advisors, especially including alleged swinger and pedophile John Bolton, who ideally should NOT be confimed as National Security Advisor.

There are other forces – non-state forces with global reach that no one nation-state can match – that are confronting specific individuals in the US and the UK who are seeking to de-rail this peace agreement. The message being communicated – one person at a time – is that the unification and denuclearization of the Koreas is a “done deal” and anyone who opposes this triumph of personal diplomacy organized by General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump – with the deepest possible collaboration among the leaders of North and South Korea – should expect to be ostracized, diminished, and perhaps impoverished if not incarcerated or executed.

I personally believe that the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize (the deadline for nominations is 28 February 2019) should go to General Secretary Xi, President Trump, and the leaders of North and South Korea. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has committed to denuclearization while President Trump has committed to de-militarization (the withdrawal of US forces once the Koreas have been unified and are visibly stabilized) and this is without question the greatest peace initiative in modern times. We must all support this initiative. Anyone who opposes this initiative should be investigated as a potential traitor whose integrity is being compromised by bribery or blackmail.

Robert David Steele

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