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The below document has been approved as a preliminary vision statement for the Judicial Commision of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Exploitation, where Robert Steele, the author, has agreed to serve as the Chief Counsel to Sir John Walsh of Brannagh.

ITNJ Steele Letter A Signed Final

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Full text of Open Letter below the fold.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Open Letter from Commissioner & Chief Counsel Robert David Steele

As a parent and as a patriot I have been outraged for some time by the clear and present danger to society of pedophilia – and now I finally also realize, child torture, child murder, and child body harvesting – as an “accepted” practice at the highest levels of every government, every non-governmental organization, every corporation, every academic institution, and every civil society.

As a former spy and pioneer for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) I have worked with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the national intelligence and law enforcement services or their representatives from over 66 countries. What I have found, without exception, is that they are all staffed by good people trapped in bad systems – systems that are not allowed to properly address this scourge – the multi-generational crime against humanity – known as pedophilia.

Many organizations that started out with the best of intentions – from the Boy Scouts to the day care centers to United Nations assistance and development groups to Oxfam as the most recent example – have been taken over by pedophiles. By virtue of being in daily contact with the most vulnerable members of society, our children, such organizations have over time become deeply compromised for lack of a proper vetting process as well as a deliberate blind eye to the transgressions of staff.

This need not be so if governments were honest and counterintelligence were to be exercised. It appears to be a matter of policy at the highest levels – the levels of royalty, presidentiality, and prime ministeriality – to turn a blind eye to pedophilia. It appears that pedophilia – including the attendant torture of children to produce adrenalized blood as well as their murder for convenience or their murder in Satanic rituals – is considered an elite “privilege” and the elite are allowed to practice this bestiality with impunity. Indeed, royals, presidents, and prime ministers – and their closest advisors – have been found to be practicing pedophiles and Satanists.

There is additional cause for alarm. There appears to be a deliberate campaign by the elite to infect local, state (province) and national police, prosecutors, and judges – from Australia to Zimbabwe – with a “taste” for pedophilia. Pedophilia is used as both an initiation rite into the Deep State and Shadow Government, and as a basis for blackmail. Worse, we are now seeing two terrible trends: one toward abusing and murdering children before they learn to speak (“they cannot bear witness”); and the other, perhaps brought back by US forces from Afghanistan, the combination of war dogs and toddlers in a devastating combination of child rape and bestiality – dogs raping children for videos to be sold. Add to this  the growing market in fetuses, the most prized being those delivered on the floor as part of a Satanic ritual, and you have a panorama of the greatest evil on the planet that we seek to confront with rigorous documentation.

ENOUGH! The purpose of the Commission is to do what no one else has done before. To document the actual totality of missing children each year (our preliminary estimate is eight million a year, or 22,000 a day); and to document what happens to these children once they are ingested into the local to global pedophilia network of networks inclusive of their average lifespan once in the system (estimated to be two years less those being groomed for “leadership” roles that perpetuate pedophilia at all levels).

This will be a massive undertaking and cannot be accomplished in one year unless we raise $3 million. If we can raise that amount of money we can bring to bear a combination of publicity inclusive of judicial hearings in key countries to attract new witnesses; automated and human expert processing to harvest what can be known from thousands of existing and known survivors and prisoners; innovative research including Dark Web de-anonymization and Thin Thread database sense-making; and public education including the world’s first comprehensive online library organized by municipality, province, and state as well as the specific aspect of pedophilia.

We have already nurtured one book offered free online, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State. Several additional books, and a multitude of short video documentaries, are planned.

I am quite certain that if the public is now ready to fund such an enterprise, we will be successful and in being successful, draw the line in the sand toward the protection of all children everywhere far into the future. ENOUGH!

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