Yoda: C-SPAN on Zionism in America — A Tour d’Force

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Noura Erakat, Janet McMahon, Grant F. Smith, and Dale Spursansky, “U.S. – Israel Relations and Middle East Policy,” C-SPAN, 2 March 2018, being a full video of eight hours of meeting including

Details with starting time stamps below the fold.

a panel (at 2:15:57) featuring Dr. Barry Trachtenberg: Challenging the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act: Pushing Back Against Jewish Exceptionalist Politics and Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi: How and Why the Israel Lobby Is Suppressing Free Speech and Academic Freedom on College Campuses; and key speakers (3:51:40) Thomas  R. Gelman: When and How Did Evangelicals Become Zionists?; (4:20:15, KEYNOTE) Gideon Levy: The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right; (5:40:10 Andrew Kadi: The Palestinian BDS Campaign: What It Is, How It Is Growing, and Why the Efforts to Stop It Will Fail; (6:13:69) Ali Abunimah: Israeli versus Russian Media Influence; (6:47:07 PANEL: AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY) with  Jefferson Morley: CIA and Mossad: Tradeoffs in the Formation of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Is the U.S. Ramping up its Military Presence in Syria and Preparing to Attack Iran for Israel?; and (7:42:52) Delinda Hanley & Grant F. Smith: Closing remarks.

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