Alert Reader: How 9/11 Truthers Helped Me “See” the Deep State

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

He is Risen, within the We.  Alert Reader says:

I became aware of many holes in the 911 narrative in 2002, listening to Thierry Meyssan, a French journalist who was on public TV and openly stated: “Where is the debris? Where is the fuselage of the plane that hit Pentagon? Why haven't we seen any of the videos? If there is one place in the world that is under surveillance 24/7, it has to be Pentagon; and yet… no video?” I heard him and it was compelling.  Nice, sweet, smiling, composed and… effective! On public TV.  He was never invited back.

Shortly thereafter, and according to his own words, he was contacted by the French intelligence, interrogated and released and subsequently informed by Russia that he needed to leave France a.s.a.p. if he wanted to remain alive.

He's since moved to Lebanon first and Syria now.  Your kind of guy.  Fluent in Arabic, French and English.  A gutsy, smart big mouth who cannot be sold B.S. and takes his mission as a Christian very seriously.  Just like Saker.  Just like you.

My doubts were re-enforced in 2005, thanks to a video called loosechange911 made by a group of young kids with questions more profound and… my paradigm changed completely and so did my life.  The kids made several videos over the years, each one asking more and more questions and offering more and more “improbable” answers and hypotheses.

911 will never die.  It may even come down in history as: “The day Deep State committed suicide.”

911 can simply not die. It might have worked, had the entire world been traumatized into 7.5 billions of Cathy O'Briens.  On loose populations not adequately brainwashed beforehand, it could not work and did not.  If anything, 911 was The Great Awakening for millions if not billions.

What are they going to do? Kill us all? They missed that boat the day they assumed 7.5 billion people were all too stupid to see through them.  As long as there is one human left on Earth, there will be one human looking into it and recording it.

Maya Angelou said once (and I paraphrase): “People will forget what you told them or did to them.  What people will never forget is how you made them FEEL.”

911 made 7.5 billion people feel horrible, scared, terrified, sad, depressed, despondent, betrayed and much, much more.  The culprits are still alive.  The feelings they caused were real and people have not forgotten.

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