David Seaman: #MassArrests #SealedIndictments Update – David Seaman Reports Sealed Indictments Are Now Unsealed – Arrest of the Cabal Occurring – April 5th, 2018

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Pedogate/Pizzagate reporter David Seaman answers chat room questions, making the following claims especially salient for those of us in the international truth movement:

o Seaman is moving his video channel over to Bitchute, an affiliate of blockchained Steemit so germane to Pizzagate being publicly exposed and investigated online; he will be primarily active in the future on his new news website, FulcrumNews.net;
o Seaman’s best friend — a young woman — recently was murdered in her rural Virginia home, probably as retribution for his work exposing the global satanic pedophile networks;
o Agnostic Seaman was then himself poisoned and had a brief near-death mystical experience, during which he experienced unity with the Creator; he is now a spiritual believer;
o All major chemtrails programs have been suspended worldwide, with possible rogue pockets still in operation about to be taken out;
o Much of the weird weather worldwide is being caused by both the climate’s “chemtrails withdrawal”, as well as our planet seeking to come back into balance after being sorely abused;
o Seaman has been shown several of the sealed indictments against prominent satanic globalist operatives; they are real, and soon to be executed — as well as, possibly, some of their recipients;
o From this, and his own direct interactions with Trump, Seaman is now convinced that Trump, his team and the QAnon team — which may be one and the same — are real;
o Seaman has now been told and shown actual evidence that the covert undeclared third world war of the satanic globalist cabal against the people has now been ended;
o Seventy percent of this victory is due to the Trump/Putin/Chi alliance, the positive factions of the military and intelligence agencies of their countries and some other “unnamed forces”;
o The other thirty percent of this victory is due to those of us in the international truth movement working among the general populace. We now need to relax and begin to live our lives in new and better ways, while yet remaining vigilant concerning what is yet to come, realizing that full rectification of past systemic evils will take some time, as well as needing our help if it is to be accomplished. — REC

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