Mongoose: Why and How Feds Sell Out to Deep State Cabal

Cultural Intelligence

Why do so many Feds sell out to Ruling Cabal?

Phi Beta Iota: Article is very good but mis-titled. Only 10% of the Feds (at the executive level generally) are sell-outs. The 10% that try to clean house get stomped on hard to the point of being fired, bankrupted, and if necessary, suicided. Good news: the tide has turned. Whistle-blowers backed by Trump are ascendant. Also the crypto-billionaires and a tiny handful of traditional billionaires are coming together — Trump has been offered private funding for “the wall,” private funding for a “truth channel” that displaces #GoogleGestapo, and private funding to mobilize 22 million veterans and bring the 50% that do not vote back into the electoral process where reforms will terminate, among other evils, electronic voting machines that are rigged before the first vote is cast.

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