Tom Atlee: Taiwan’s Open Source Governance

Tom Atlee

vTaiwan – A Glimpse of Open Source Open Space Government (Part 1)

The following is a layered description of vTaiwan over four messages:  In this, the first post, you’ll find an introduction (a 1 minute read) followed by a 3-minute overview.  In the second post I offer you eleven brief “Notes on Aspects of the vTaiwan Phenomenon” (probably a 10-15 minute read).  In the third post, I describe two early examples of the work done by vTaiwan and its associated hacktivist community, g0v (gov-zero).  In the last post I share some of the best links I’ve worked with (including video conversations I’ve had with vTaiwan’s remarkable calm center, Audrey Tang), on which you can spend 5 minutes or 5 days or more if you wish to delve into the topic in more depth….

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