Yoda: Putin-Trump Alliance – Sometimes Sorcha Faal Is Just Brilliant

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The links are real — the narrative appears to be 80% real. Absolutely worth reading in full and diving down into each link.

Putin-Trump Alliance Gets Staggering Boost As “Deep State” Globalism Warned Near Death

Phi Beta Iota: Sorcha Faal is known fabricator David Booth who operates out of the Washington DC area. We agree with our European contributing editor Berto Jongman who normally flags those of his publications that merit attention from our group.  David is gifted, positively gifted, at weaving a narrative with links that are themselves absolutely real.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This account tallies very closely with what I know of the Xi-Trump alliance and I firmly believe that Xi, Putin, and Trump have an entente that is bringing peace and prosperity to the world as we take down the Deep State and put the 1% back into a very small box. Between broad stroke peace agreements and the the financial architecture that should see all central banks nationalized in the near term (five years), the stage is set for radical improvements in domestic economies. There is still a great deal of work to do — in the US the mobilization of veterans, the creation of a truth channel, the introduction, ideally by the President, of the Election  Reform Act, the establishment of the Open Source Agency and the reduction of the secret intelligence world by 70%, the closure of all US military bases overseas and the reduction of the Department of Defense budget by 50%, and finally, the launching of multiple jobs projects centered on infrastructure, green, and Open Source Everything Engineering — all of which will help employ the 50% of the civilians and contractors to be cut from the federal payroll over the next six years.  It’s a done deal. There will be resistance, but resistance is futile at this point. We won.

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