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Fareed Zakaria on Crap News Network

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Yoda — our most philosophical editor — appears to have lost his patience with  the extraordinary convergence of what some including Newt Gingrich call “intelligent idiocy” as brought together on the Fareed Zakaria CNN show Sunday, 1 April (very appropriately, April Fools’ Day as well as Easter Sunday, “he is risen”). Slaughter and Haass are the best of the servant class — “selling out our allies” is code for “daring to challenge the Deep State” which owns all of our “allies.”

Fareed Zakaria means well, of this I have no doubt, but he is intellectually shallow — he lacks the integrity to do holistic analytics and he has absolutely no understanding of true cost economics or the degree to which the Western Deep State-dominated economy is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks. He appears “owned” by the Deep State.

America needs a truth network. With a billion dollars I can “own” both Fox Nexs (half of them need to be fired but it would be a start) and TIME Magazine (same) while creating a post-Google Internet with substitutes for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube this year, everyone else next year — all rooted in the new blockchain that has credit card speed and scalability (most have no idea this exists now and is being tested in Asia).

On this Easter Sunday, I praise God and give thanks for the deep honor that is to be an American citizen committed to the Constitution and the Republic; it is my destiny to help defeat all enemies — starting with domestic enemies — and I will take particular pleasure in eradicating the pernicious influence of Zionism across America.

Robert David Steele

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