Penguin: Harvard Business Review on Why Open Innovation Fails – Scientists are Selfish, Do Not Play Well With Others…


Why Do Open Innovation Efforts Fail? Scientists Want to Solve Problems Themselves

It took us months to realize what was going on here: The most resistant scientists and engineers saw open source methods as a fundamental challenge to their professional identities. They defined themselves as “problem solvers,” but open innovation crowdsourcing platforms didn’t let them play that role; instead, they had to frame problems for someone else to solve.

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ROBERT STEELE: The failure is much larger than as described in the article, which has a mono-lingual single country focus.  Across every research domain — and particularly including secret intelligence — no does multi-national, multi-liingual, multi-domain research.  This is not something that can be done with “artificial stupidity” that is so prevalent in US IC and US DoD, nor is is something that can be done by an infant analyst being spoon fed crap. It requires the identification and integration of subject matter experts in nodes where every language is represented and all of the SMEs speak a common language. CIA — an organization I would like to rescue one day — has never understood that it was created to lie, cheat and steal on behalf of Wall Street, when its actual mission is to create decision support on all threats, all policies, all costs, but integrating holistic analytics and true cost economics IN ALL LANGUAGES ACROSS ALL MEDIUMS. CIA is, in a word, retarded. We need to fix that.

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