Mongoose: Christian Zionism — 100 Years of Idiots Duped by Zionists [Remember the USS Liberty — That Is The Beast in Action]

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The 100 Year-Old Duping of American Evangelical Christianity – Christian Zionism

The followers of Christ have been fooled into believing the Bible teaches something it does not teach: Christian support of Israel. Israel is, in fact: antichrist, because Israel denies both the Father and the Son.

Whereas Jesus himself cursed Israel and proclaimed its soon abandonment by God, in Matthew 23, especially verse 38, as well as its destruction at the hands of the Roman armies (see Luke 21:20) within the lifetimes of those who heard his words (see Matt. 24:34), Judaized Christians, or Christian Zionists will appeal to the teachings of the Old Testament, especially Genesis 12:3, in direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus Christ found in the New Testament, and they will insist that all Christians must support and bless Israel in order to be faithful to God and the Bible. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

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Phi Beta Iota: The Zionists are the world's greatest blackmailers, bribers, and propagandists as well as information technology crackers (Zionism is not Judaism, and criminal cracking is not ethical hacking) aided in part by the apparent role of the Vatican as a crypto-Zionist element with the Jesuits fully integrated into the subversive network overseen by the Chabad Supremacist Cult that sees all others (Christians, Muslims, “lesser Jews,” others) as sub-human disposable chattel. They came to power as a parasite on the British and very quickly grew to be the single greatest parasite on the United States of America. We anticipate — and are prepared for — a legal battle in the USA similar to that waged and won by Ernst Zundel in Canada.  It is not in a court of law, however, that the Zionists must be rolled back, but rather in the public mind starting with the evangelicals and pentecostalists who have been bribed, blackmailed  and propagandized in a most impressive persistent manner. Our objective in the near term is quite simple: to force the registration of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as agents of a foreign power; and to start a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) investigation into both all of the non-profits that are being used to collect funds for Israel under false pretenses [i.e. felony fraud], and all of the means by which the Zionists control American social media inclusive particularly of Amazon,  Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia, among others. Separately, as the integrity of the US Congress is restored, we anticipate a massive public rejection of US funding for all foreign powers — not only Israel, but every dictator and every foreign two-party tyranny we have been supporting with US taxpayer blood, sweat, tears, and dollars. The denuclearization of Israel (whose program is based on US funding), and a permanent peace in the Middle East along with the rescue of India, among others, from Zionist subversion, is part of the mid-term plan. For all who doubt the perfidy of the Zionists we have a simple response: remember the USS Liberty, and 9/11, and the other 11 strikes against Zionism in America.  Zionism is OVER. The time to restore the integrity of the Republic has arrived.

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