Betty Boop: Ancestry DNA Websites a Gold Mine for Authorities — DNA Police State Coming Soon? UPDATE 1

Ethics, Law Enforcement

Investigators say DNA database can be goldmine for old cases

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A microscopic thread of DNA evidence in a public genealogy database led California authorities to declare this spring they had caught the Golden State Killer, the rapist and murderer who had eluded authorities for decades.

Emboldened by that breakthrough, a number of private investigators are spearheading a call for amateur genealogists to help solve other cold cases by contributing their own genetic information to the same public database. They say a larger array of genetic information would widen the pool to find criminals who have eluded capture.

UPDATE 1: Alert Reader comments as follows:

It has been my understanding/ insight for some time that just like “jack the ripper”, serial killers are pretty much every time government programs with a mind controlled patsy… Same as political “terrorists” BTW.  So, are they using this Golden State Killer example to justify that all DNA be registered?  .

The article above speaks of a data breach that could have exposed DNA data of 92 million people, but the NSA etc can tap any computer system, so it is already breached.
These kind of background realities are often ignored. Another example is that ET shut down nuke missiles in 70's. There will never be a nuke war so don't even consider it and the NSA already knows all communications, so why even consider online privacy or secure data?
Another background realization is that everything on TV is false. It was a shock to me three days ago to understand that even the Talent Show auditions are fake because the audiences are faked! The Flint documentary was fake. Discovery Channel and History Channel are fake. Those who edit every TV show edit it. It is edited, it isn't the truth.  And our emotional or intellectual reactions are programmed. That means you and me!
Better than editing a crisis, just create it with actors!  That is the serial killer story, IMO.
The Bilderbergers talk of a “post truth” world. In doublespeak, that means a world no longer controlled by themselves, in which social media can sideline chosen candidates like Hillary who had a 1.6 Billion dollar war chest. (A fact which the elite are still reeling from. Trump was not chosen by them!)   Anyway, I think Golden State Killer is false flag and this is being used as justification and DNA police state is planned.
Genesis says the superior race, the jews, should control all that “creepth” upon the Earth. Sorry, but that mentality is the alien channeled agenda now playing out, which we now call full spectrum dominance.  And DNA registry is for sure in the works. I suppose we will be taxed to pay for our own DNA testing which will be mandatory.

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