Donald Trump: “I will meet with Iran (Rouhani), no preconditions. Link fixed.

Peace Intelligence

Trump Says He’s Willing to Meet With Iran’s Rouhani Without Precondition

Click on image to watch video.  Text link fixed, Google slipped its own crap link in there, we were careless — never copy a link from within Google mail. Our bad.

Phi Beta Iota: President Vladimir Putin either already has, or soon will, offer to host private meetings, face to face one on one, for President Trump with President Assad and President Rouhani. Trump knows he cannot trust the information he is receiving from his bureaucracy, particularly the Zionist-controlled Department of State where close to one  tenth of the senior executives are dual Israel-US citizens loyal to Zionist Israel not the USA. At CIA we are hearing weak signals that the new Director, who served as Chief of Station London, may be on Team Trump — if true, this is a major step forward.

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