Berto Jongman: 25% = Tipping Point for Social Change — the Trump Revolution is WAY Past 25%!

Cultural Intelligence
Berto Jongman

Tipping point for large-scale social change

A new study finds that when 25 percent of people in a group adopt a new social norm, it creates a tipping point where the entire group follows suit. This shows the direct causal effect of the size of a committed minority on its capacity to create social change.

Phi Beta Iota: Between the 27% that voted for President Trump; the modest percentage of Sandernistas and others doing the #WalkAway thing; and the larger percentage of Independents and others being inspired by the possibility of the Deep State and its two-party tyranny ging down, there is clearly a revolution taking place, one that is REJECTING “anything goes” liberalism and repression.  All that is missing is a CONNECTION between the President and his PEOPLE….the 99%.

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