Jan Oberg: Time to Close Down NATO?

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Jan Oberg

NATO’s crisis and the Transatlantic conflict

We’re in Cold War 2 – of course not a repetition because of all the differences between that world and today’s. Ten of the former Warsaw Pact countries are now full NATO members, neutral states back then like Sweden and Austria have abolished that – wise – policy. And, mind you, the military expenditures of Russia – one country facing NATO’s 29 – are 8 per cent of NATO – yes, you got it right: Eight per cent of NATOs military expenditures in spite of all the propaganda about Russia and Putin representing an existential threat to Europe and the US if not the whole world. Who said disinformation was used only by Russia?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I support President Donald Trump’s correct instinct that the USA should withdraw from NATO (to which I would add, add expel the UN from New York while closing all US military bases overseas and ending all US financial and military support to all dictators and the Zionist apartheid state of Israel). NATO is not just unable to win wars, it is a primary foundation for varied forms of armed terrorism and illegal warfare including assassinations and false flag operations.

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