Martin Armstrong: Judge Brett Kavanaugh — Bushie, Anti-Citizen, Anti-Constitution

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Martin A. Armstrong

The Disturbing Reasoning of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

QUESTION: What is your opinion of Trump’s Supreme Court pick?


ANSWER: The main decision that I believe allows us to pierce the veil of judicial reasoning is Susan SEVEN-SKY v. Eric H. HOLDER, 661 F.3d 1 (2011). In this decision, Judge Brett Kavanaugh did not join Silberman’s opinion. Instead, he wrote a sixty-five-page opinion that argued that the court could not even decide this case. In other words, his dissenting opinion deliberately did not resolve the case on the merits. What is more disturbing is his reliance on an 1876 law that has effectively placed government rights above that of the people. This I find VERY disturbing.

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