SGT REPORT: Harley Schlanger on Trump Triumph and John Brennan as “Dead Man Walking” — Deep State Collapsing and Panicking

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Phi Beta Iota: John Brennan is a “dead man walking,” metaphorically speaking. He is probably a paid agent of both Saudi Arabia and Israel and could not withstand a proper investigation including a pull of all the NSA data on all his emails and calls as well as a deep look at his domestic and international travel record. He is showing increasing signs of having lost his mental faculties — he is “out of control” and now given to saying things that are not only defamatory lies with malice and knowledge of falsity, but clear indicators that John Brennan is an absolute servant of the Deep State and the 1% and an absolute traitor to the Constitution, the Republic, and the 99%. He is a “dead man walking.” Kudos to the SGT REPORT, in part because he is properly focused on the fact that the US public is waking up. What is missing is the summary execution of the fake news mass media that continues to lie to the public and parrot the John Brennan. Rand Paul is starting to look more and more important.   We need a truth channel.  Wolf Blitzer needs to be unemployed. This is all good.

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