Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Advertising — Finally Burying Google?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Wake Up Call Arrives Late

I read “Jeff Bezos and Amazon Have the Adveretising Industry Looking over Its Shoulder.” In my mind, the dusty alarm clock has emitted a “ringy dingy.” But some appear to have overslept.   . . .   CNBC reports:

Amazon has what many in the advertising industry regard as the most important piece of the puzzle: what people buy.

It is interesting that CNBC has now recognized that quite specific data anchored directly to an individual identity in real time has value.

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Phi Beta Iota: Apart from its ability to cross-correlate (never mind those pesky customer privacy agreements), Amazon also has  the ability to literally put out of business overnight, by over-pricing, all those who now rely on its cloud and infrastructure services to support their lucrative government and corporate contracts.

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