Andrey Kortunov: China In Africa — Seven Chinese Principles? Plus Six Book Reviews on China in Africa

Commercial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

“Seven Capital Vices” of China in Africa: How Capital Are They Really?

The recent tenth BRICS Summit in Johannesburg and the forthcoming China-Africa Cooperation Summit in Beijing bring the Chinese-African relations to the center of political and academic discussions. The Chinese advance in Africa since the turn of the century have been spectacular: from a relatively low key player, Beijing has grown into the largest trading partner and into one of the main sources of FDI for African countries, by far surpassing highly volatile US investments.

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Phi Beta Iota: China is surpassing the USA (“defeating” is not the right word) on multiple fronts including demography, investment, and strategy. The USA continues to waste a trillion dollars a year (all of it borrowed) on overseas bases, regime change, corruption, drone assassination, and more.

See Especially:

Review: Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

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