Benjamin Fulford: Pandemic False Flag & Big Tech Censorship

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Pandemic scare brewing as cabal faces doom

A pandemic scare is looming as airplanes in multiple countries reported to be full of “diseased” people are landing and being put in quarantine. However, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) sources say the incidents all appear to be fake ones involving crisis actors.

The pandemic scare comes as the execution of U.S. Senator John McCain sent shock waves through Khazarian mafia ranks, who are now activating all their resources in a desperate move to save themselves. Thus, this pandemic scare may be something like a schoolboy calling in a bomb threat to his school in order to avoid an exam he is going to fail.

However, it is also possible the U.S. military-industrial establishment may be preparing a pandemic scare as a cover to stop all airline flights worldwide in order to prevent Khazarian mafia from escaping, as over 51,000 sealed indictments begin to be acted upon.

In any case, the links below are just a partial indication of the scale of this planned “pandemic.”

The pandemic scare is just one of the many threads in the ongoing crisis at the top of the world, especially the Western power structure.

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01 Information on Bush-Cheney being arrested first, then Obama-Clinton.

02 Information on Big Tech including following quote:

Here is what “former spy who ran a false flag operation for the CIA” Robert David Steele had to say about the situation:

“The digital assassination continues of Alex Jones specifically, and all those who seek Sandy Hook truth generally. This may become not just a case of public free speech versus private Internet censorship, but a racketeering investigation as well and perhaps eventually an antitrust monopoly breakup. The list of culpable companies is now far greater than the original #GoogleGestapo allies (Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube), all under some form of U.S. secret intelligence and Zionist control and influence. It now includes Apple, Discus, Pinterest,, and many more. It is very much like a Deep State execution order that all the Deep State platforms are obeying.”

Steele adds that while his “Internet Service Provider DreamHost is honoring the First Amendment, Amazon has blocked the book of collected memoranda on Sandy Hook that was delivered to the White House on 8 September.”

Read the BLOCKED Memos for the President on Sandy Hook free online.

03 Information on Deep State plans for stock market crash, Trump's lack of preparedness.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I never expected Ben to quote me but am honored that he thinks anything I might think is worth sharing. His perspective on Asia and finance and crime and the Deep State is priceless — after decades in Asia starting as a Forbes journalist he knows everyone worth knowing and I was privileged to be introduced to some of them while in Japan in February 2018 — from royalty to heads of crime families to heads of Chinese secret societies.

I disagree on  PresidentTrump's not being prepared — the $1.5 trillion that will be pumped into the US economy, and the private plans to fund the Wall off the books, are both huge — but I do wish President Trump would accelerate his planning for a Truth Channel and #UNRIG Election Reform Act as well as the end of NATO and the UN and the end of US funding for the Israeli nuclear program and the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians.  Lot's to do.

Now we wait to see if President Trump will use his 9/11 speech to mandate the criminal Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York, and call for the passage of the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act.

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