Donald Trump: I Agree with Elizabeth Warren on Ending Federal Ban on Marijuana — State Rights Should Prevail

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Warren Promises Vote to End Marijuana Ban if Democrats Win Senate

President Donald Trump expressed support for the bill based on the belief that cannabis policy belongs to each state to decide, Rolling Stone reported.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Both Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions are totally wrong to oppose this.  Not only should State Rights triumph on all matters of import — the federal government is supposed to be a small service of common concern with no standing armies (either civilian or military) — but this was and remains the number one demand of all those under 40 across all party lines and among the Independents. President Trump has three sure-fire winning issues going into November 2018:

01 Legalization of Marijuana

02 9/11 Truth

03 #UNRIG Election Reform Act, with paper ballots counted publicly on site being implemented for November 2018, the other eleven provision for 2020

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