John McAfee: If I Leave Libertarian Party, 57% Would Leave With Me [Robert Steele 2024 Concept Added]

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John McAfee: Presidential candidates individually do not change America — it is the process of advancing varied candidates and broadening the debate far beyond the two-party “controlled” theater,  that creates a new America.

2024 Concept Below the Fold.

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to support our President and I continue to despise the two-party tyranny that is the enabler of the Deep State and the Shadow Government that have trashed the Constitution and are continuing to loot the Republic despite the President's best efforts to the contrary.

I gave up on the Libertarian Party when they sold out to the Koch Brothers and their leadership refused to consider a collaborative effort with the Greens and Independents (simple idea: divide the 435 congressional districts up across Independents and all small parties, then put the full force of the alliance behind ONE candidate in each of the 435 districts — this will break the two-party tyranny with or without electoral reform).

2020 is the President's to lose. If he takes down the culture of legalized lying and preying on  the elderly and weak that is endemic across the US “justice” system (see Matt Taibbi's The Divide as well as his earlier Griftophia); if he personally demands #UNRIG The Election Reform Act; if he pardons the twelve men of color (Black Panthers plus) who are political prisoners; if he adds a debt jubilee to his already stunning economic and financial reforms (soon to include a gold or precious metals backed dollar); then I believe he will serve eight years and move us forward.

President Trump will not, however, complete the job in eight years. We need to do so much more, including a Constitutional Convention that deepens some amendments and reverses others:


1st Amendment: no commercial entity (e.g. #GoogleGestapo) may censor

2nd Amendment: concealed carry approved nation-wide; end PTSD and other pharmaceutical guises for depriving veterans particularly; end police state.

4th Amendment: terminates all mass surveillance not only by NSA but by Zionist Israel with its software embedded in US communications and computing systems. Terminates the ability of the federal government to impose local cell towers and harmful 5G technology on any local or state jurisdiction.

5th Amendment: ends all “mandatory” arbitration clauses and other variations and restores the right to fair and speech trial by jury as well as class action lawsuits across all commercial tort categories.

9th Amendment: move toward US Postal Service as the provider of free emails to all citizens and residents, such that citizenship and voting status are embedded in the email (a form of https for individuals) and toward the testing of national, state, and local universal ballots on all matters including public voting on federal and state legislation at the line item level.

10th Amendment: narrowly limit role of federal government to global matters including global defense, law, and trade; eliminate role of federal government as a police authority (shut down Department of Homeland Security, end militarization of police, etcetera); eliminate regulations.


12th Amendment: enact #UNRIG The Election Reform Act with all twelve provisions including democracy in the workplace.

27th Amendment: forbid Congress from having pay scales and benefits that are different form the Executive (same salary scales) and the public (same health insurance, no slush fund for sex abuse, etcetera).


11th Amendment: end “sovereign immunity” and begin to hold both elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for fraud, waste, and abuse.

14th Amendment: end birth tourism (Asian as well as other); refuse to grant visas or citizenship to those who cannot produce complete police records from their home country.

16th Amendment: terminate the right of the federal government to collect any tax in any guise — all taxes will be collected by states and localities and funds will be apportioned to the federal government by the states; the federal government may not borrow money, and may not print money without the approval of the states via the Senate.

17th Amendment: reverse election of the Senators by the public and restore the state sovereignty aspect of Senators being appointed by their state so as to ensure that the federal budget and laws are approved by the states — end the federeal imperium.

22nd Amendment: reverse limitations on President.

25th Amendment: reverse the automatic assumption of the Presidency by the Vice President

I have a simple concept for 2024, whether or not President Donald Trump reforms our electoral system. It is my intent — God willing — to work with a total mix of both traditional politicians (Cynthia McKinney is always foremost in my mind), unconventional citizen-politicians such as John McAfee, Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, and Patrick Buchanan, and to offer the public a fair deal centered on the restoration of the Constitution, and end to the federal imperium, restoration of state and individual rights, and an end to the predatory banking and commercial and justice systems that prey on the 99%.

A split ticket (which our Founding Fathers always preferred,  the runner up President being Vice President), and a coalition cabinet committed to a balanced budget (to be approved and funded by the states), an end to the federal income tax, and an “all in” commitment to  transform America with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) that reduces the cost of all artifacts and processes by 80-90% (including John Deere tractors with no right to repair), are all in my mind.

No one, anywhere, including our President, is thinking along these lines.

Below  are five links with additional information on my thinking for the future.

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