Mongoose: US Civil War Over Censor, Divide, Conquer?

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Do not agree with title, agree with key points. The election of Donald Trump stalled the civil war. Now we have to finish the job by restoring the Constitution starting with the 1st and 2nd Amendments and then going on to reverse the 16th (federal income tax) and 17th (popular election of Senators) and made other adjustments as needed, e.g. the 14th. The restoration of individual and state rights is central to our future.

America Is Headed Towards A Civil War

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There are more divisions now and larger divisions in the United States than in the 19th Century. The philosophical lies of progressives did not have a strong following until the 20th Century. We are witnessing the division and the weakness these progressive ideologies create. Progressive ideologies make people weak and afraid.

One of the goals of the division is the elimination of due process. The elimination of due process subverts justice. The elimination of due process creates an environment where someone is guilty until proved innocent. The #MeToo movement, political correctness, the Title IX tribunals on college campuses, the passing of judgement in the court of public opinion, and the idea that a woman should automatically be believed because she is a woman are all designed to undermine justice for everyone.

Progressives seek to literally, make people afraid of other ideas, and by extension, speech. The first and second amendments are pivotal to the United States and clearly distinguish the U.S. from other nations of the world, past and present. Words have power and ideas are much harder to kill so progressives are using their self-appointed Ministries of Truth: Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, CNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times, etc. move in the direction of reshaping America.

The self-appointed Truth Ministries have become a de facto fourth branch of government. We are seeing these self-appointed Truth Ministries silence any voices with which they disagree.

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