Rebecca Campbell: Air India Pilot Fights Off Remote Hijack Over NYC? Did a Deep State False Flag Just Fail? UPDATE

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Indian pilot saves 370 lives by manually landing plane after all flight systems fail

Why did a Boeing 777-300 mysteriously lose all flight controls as it approached New York on 9/11? One from India no less? Most likely it was a remote hijack situation that for whatever reason (maybe maintenance did not solder a wire right because it is India) or they did something unexpected because it was from India, and the remote takeover did not work as planned.  Jim Stone.


Alert Reader says: “Instead of focusing on technical glitches, they should be focusing on India's refusal to support sanctions against Russia.

Phi Beta Iota: It must be made clear that Boeing's built-in remote hijack capability is easily used by private sector parties, and is not exclusive to the US Government. The lack of integrity in electromagnetic emissions as well as protection is near catastrophic — as with banking fraud, we are walking on eggshells. As soon as Lufthansa found out about the built-in Boeing remote hijack capability they ripped out all the Boeing computers and refit all of their aircraft such that they cannot be remotely hijacked. India may have done something similar — the cascade of failures suggests something along the lines of an electromagnetic attack such as is believes to have downed the perfectly fine aircraft flown by John F. Kennedy Junior.

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Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot

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Christopher Bollyn: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 and the War on Terror Israel’s History of False Flag Operations against the U.S.A.


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