Robert Steele: Letter to Atlantic Monthly – Donald Trump Is Neither A Tyrant Nor Lost

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I beg to differ with Eliot A. Cohen, whom I knew long ago, and his contribution, “How This Will End: Sooner or later, tyrants are always abandoned by their followers,” (Atlantic, 24 August 2018).

As a proponent of holistic analytics and a long-time enemy of the Deep State and Shadow Government that leverage and loot public assets for private gain by the 1%, I share with Martin Armstrong, perhaps the best economic analyst around, the view that this Administration is not about Trump. It is about the Deep State, first fully articulated by Peter Dale Scott, losing control.

A non-violent revolution is occurring in the USA today, and three areas where I am heavily engaged are converging: a new social ecology and truth channel is emerging, centered on CodeMail and BitChute, that will displace #GoogleGestapo (Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and lesser evils including; an explosion in pedophilia witnesses and public outrage that is going to take down not only the Catholic Church hierarchy but also that of the Mormon Church and selected Christian Zionists; and election reform, #UNRIG, something I started with Cynthia McKinney.

Trump is a disruptor. As I observe all that he is doing behind the scenes, completely unacknowledged by the  failed mainstream media (with those who praise him being digitally assassinated by #GoogleGestapo with stunning impunity and noncholance), I am reminded of the genius of Nassim Nicholas Talel, author of Black Swans, Anti-Fragility, and Skin in the Game, among other extraordinary works. Eliot, no doubt with the best of intentions, is blind to the reality that half the public is now seeing — I expect 70% approval ratings in 2019 — Eliot is missing the local level disdain for everyone that is attacking Trump with nonsensical non-stop coverage of trivia replete with falsehood (Cohen and Manafort are trivia, the Russians did not hack anything, the latest was CIA rogues using Vault 7 code explicitly designed to simulate a Russian attack — Microsoft is going along with the false narrative). Your own author James Fallows and his wife come close to understanding local reality in their book, Our Towns, which is complemented by another book, The Great Revolt. Eliot is also missing the economic and financial house cleaning that has been going on, which will deepen in  September and October 2018. Not only is the Federal Reserve now under control and no longer the proxy for the Deep State, but a gold-backed dollar is almost certain to be issued at the same time that several trillion dollars recovered from the banks that stole $43 trillion all told, are going to be put back into the economy — new jobs with benefits and new construction are the marching orders. Buzzy Krongard, John Brennan, and William Browder are all going to be held accountable for the $240 billion Gold War against Russia from 1998-2001 — a covert undeclared totally unconstitutional economic war.

I will agree that Trump is a “one of.” I think he will be re-elected if he chooses to run. After Trump I believe the only possible winner is going to a split ticket with a coalition cabinet and balanced budget announced in advance along with a commitment to #UNRIG election reform (if not implemented by Trump in 2019) and a Constitutional Convention that overturns several of the amendments sponsored by the Deep State — Senators must represent their states as sovereign powers, not the amorphous public in the state; and the federal income tax must be abolished, to be replaced by an Automated Payment Transaction Tax as devised by Dr. Edgar Feige, collected locally. States will authorize and appropriate to the federal government a sufficiency of funds as approved by the Senators, after consultation with their sovereign state leaders both executive and legislative, upon presentation of a balanced budget.

The times they are a changing. Elite traitors, pedophiles, and grand theft masters have lost their cloak of invisibility that all of you in the fake news media have helped maintain in partnership with the Shadow Government controlled by the likes of Dick Cheney via the ultra-secret Continuity of Government program.. Like it or not, our President is a force of nature and all of you on the left should be making evidence-based decisions rooted in something I have understood for a very long time: the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  9/11 2018 is coming up. I have given the President a volume of 28 memos written by top scholars, spies, architects, and engineers. It is possible the President will not only mandate the criminal grand jury in the Southern District of New York as requested by the Lawyer’s Committee of Inquiry into 9/11, but he will also instruct his office of legislative affairs to push for passage of the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act which will report out in October 2020, making passage before November a litmus test of the integrity of each incumbent Member of Congress.  Game over.

Sincerely yours,
Robert David Steele
Founder, #UNRIG

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