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Silicon Valley: Off Ramp Closed for Repairs?

We learned that Alibaba (a Chinese outfit) has entered into a deal with Russian firms for online payments. Reuters reported the tie up in “Alibaba’s JV in Russia to Use Russia’s Payment System.” The system is used in Russia.

TechCrunch points out in “Alibaba Goes Big on Russia with Joint Venture Focused on Gaming, Shopping and More”:, the Russia firm that offers a range of internet services including social media, email and food delivery to 100 million registered users, has teamed up with Alibaba to launch AliExpress Russia, a JV that they hope will function as a “one-stop destination” for communication, social media, shopping and games. backer MegaFon, a telecom firm, and the country’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) have also invested undisclosed amounts into the newly-formed organization.

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Phi Beta Iota: President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister have been calling for an planning a post-Western economy and a post-Western Internet for years now.  This is the first serious — massive — Chinese-Russian joint venture we know of.  When taken in the context of China no longer relying on banks or credit cards for mobile payments, the implications are stunning, particularly in relation to Amazon, which may well be shut out of the Third World market once an alternative to their predatory pricing practices emerges.

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