WARNING NOTICE: WordPress.com is Part of #GoogleGestapo, Owns VaultPress (JetPack) — All Truthers Are Vulnerable to WordPress.com Destruction of their Life’s Work with No BackUp

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Robert David STEELE Vivas


This month I spent money I could ill afford to create an entirely new backup system completely independent of both my web platform services provider (DreamHost, who has affirmed to me that they support the 1st Amendment), and JetPack, the third party backup service.

JetPack is owned by VaultPress which is owned by WordPress.com which has demonstrated it lacks integrity in censoring truthers, particularly Sandy Hook truthers.

The core elements of #GoogleGestapo are Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube. Lesser lights include Reddit, Wikipedia, and WordPress.com.

At this time users of WordPress software (as opposed to those who contract for WordPress hosting) are not affected but it is only a matter of time before WordPress and JetPack are used to censor the public. It is time to develop replacements and bury WordPress as well as JetPack.

I continue to believe that a RICO investigation should be mounted against all of the above less DreamHost, a truly extraordinary web services provider that I value greatly, with the best online chat trouble-shooting I have ever experienced. Title 7, anti-trust, breakups, should all be on the table.  More to the point, Larry Ellison should be thinking about the post-Amazon cloud that does not need data centers and provides every end user with anonymity, identity, privacy, and security, not to be found within any element of #GoogleGestapo.

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