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Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Now, It Is Urgent for You to Come to South Africa

That future will be a bright one, if, and only if, we can free ourselves from the death-grip of the dying British Empire’s global monetarist system that enslaves our people as well as your nation, and which is the real source of the vicious and continuing attacks on your Presidency.

Your foolish strategic advisers and your corrupted State Department, whose policy content is still controlled by British assets who are relics of the administration of that lawn jockey of the bitch Queen, the former President and enemy of Africans, Barack Obama, as well the Neanderthals of geopolitics, also known as ‘neocons’, have all lied to you that the Chinese and Russians are trying to push the British, and their American allies, out of Africa.

The reality is that the Chinese, Russians and the BRICS nations collectively have moved into a void, created by the unwillingness of the Anglo-American financial powers to lend for development, which has kept Africa in a murderous state of underdevelopment.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Dan Coats means well, but he stinks as Director of National Intelligence (DNI) for the simple reason that he is focused on keeping the money moving, not on providing the President with decision-support about everything (Under Clapper as well as Coats, the President gets roughly 4% of what he needs, a lot of lies, and everyone else gets nothing). James Mattis means well, but he is retarded when he says the President is a child for not understanding why the Marines could be occupying South Korea — we should be closing all of our bases overseas, without exception, while pulling out of NATO and expelling the UN from New York. Jefferson Sessions means well — and may be much more effective than most realize, with the pedophilia indictment against 90% of the Deep State that has been neutralized — but he made a huge mistake in not firing Deep State  and Zionist puppet Rod Rosenstein, and he really needs to understand that the capital demand of the Millenial Generation is the legalization of marijuana or at least the end of federal government engagement in both drug smuggling and drug interdiction.

The FACT is that the US national security community — the Departments of Defense, State, and now also Homeland Security — are totally controlled by the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly at three levels: embedded leadership; information as distorted enroute to the President; and information stolen from the USA to advance the interests of  the banks and Zionist Israel against the interests of the USA.

“The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” Our President is fighting against all odds to denuclearize the Koreas and then  the Middle East, to restore the integrity of our economy and our borders; to restore prosperity to the blue collar and white collar classes that have been screwed with malice aforethought ever since the banks — in collusion with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a political slut of the first order — to contrive the Great Depression as a means of gutting the growing middle class (whose political power threatened the 1%), buying up America at depression-level prices, and consolidating its grip on government.

Above all else, the President needs an intelligence community capable of providing 100% of the decision-support he and all others working for him need (down to the desk officer and front line company commander levels); and a truth channel that enables him to assure that every citizen is receiving truthful information about all threats, all policies, all costs. Ultimately this means a complete makeover of US education, US intelligence, and US research.

No one now working for our President knows how to do this, and everyone now working for our President is committed to keeping him dead, dumb, and blind. Time to clean the stables and end the charade of having Pences and Boltons and such in charge. Gina Haspel can be saved — those who oppose her are poitical gadflys whose sanity can reasonably be questioned.

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In Collaboration with China, ‘Africa Will Be a Powerhouse of the Future’

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