Henry Makow: Is “Just Do It” Luciferian? Is Self-Restraint Holy?

Cultural Intelligence

“Just Do It” -Nike Slogan is Luciferian

Illuminati Satanists spin self-restraint as “repression,” that causes “neurosis.”  They champion “sexual liberation” i.e. promiscuity and debauchery.

Self-discipline is the essential difference between conservatives and liberals. As I argue below, 9/10th of religion is what we do NOT do. We were made in the image of God. Living up to this ideal is what defines us as human.

Read full article including list of liberal misbehaviors.

Phi Beta Iota: Herbert Marcuse spoke and wrote to the same point — “repressive tolerance” or “anything goes” is a very deliberate Satanically-inspired attempt to undermine identity, integrity, and reciprocity (do unto others).

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Reference:Repressive Tolerance” by Herbert Marcuse in Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, Jr., and Herbert Marcuse, A Critique of Pure Tolerance (Boston: Beacon Press, 1969), pp. 95-137.

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