Penguin: Open Source Blockchain Consortium in China — 100 Companies (Comment by Robert Steele)

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100 plus Chinese companies to build open blockchain consortium

In May 2016, over 100 Chinese companies, representing organizations from six industry sectors including banking, fund management, securities brokerage, insurance, regional equity exchanges, and financial information service formed the Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium (FISCO). One of the goals of the consortium is to coordinate and integrate research to advance financial blockchain technology for use in business scenarios. FISCO will build an open-source blockchain platform called FISCO BCOS.

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ROBERT STEELE:  This is interesting at multiple levels.  It is known that Amazon plans to displace Ethereum with its own version, and the above is more evidence that Ethereum's days are numbered. At an operational level, what is most interesting to me is that the Chinese are still focused on limited data sets, and not seeing the larger Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) vision illustrated in the three graphics below — the only way they will displace  the predatory Western economic model optimized to provide 90% profit to the banksters and the Deep State. The Chinese are stuck in the 1% of 1% data mode and not thinking through to the universality option. Ethics is an operating system — whole earth is an operating concept.  Not there yet.

At a strategic level, and it breaks my heart to say this, I can only reflect on the thirty years wasted because the US secret intelligence community was too corrupt to listen to me from 1988 onwards, and chose to steal rather than save. I feel in some ways that China — at a moral level — is right where the USA was in 1988-1994, and the decisions they make today will impact on the world for the next 1,000 years. The decisions  the US made back then — including he decision by George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney to accept the Zionist suggestion that we convert  the Twin Towers from a commercial insurance problem into a false flag pretext for war, doomed the American public for a quarter century.

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