Penguin: Open Source Office Alternatives to Microsoft UPDATE 1


Open-source office software suites for the enterprise that can rival MS Office 2019

An open-source office software allows users to update to its newer version without a one-time licence fee

Best of the Best:

  • Libre Office
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Only Office
  • Neo Office
  • WPS Office


Alert Reader writes in:

There is SoftMaker’s FreeOffice (German), which is faster and more efficient than most of the free alternatives to MS Office.

You do need to activate it once online.

I don’t trust the Chinese WPS Office trying to access the Internet from different processes and has ads.

Libre Office and Apache OpenOffice are too slow and the UI is not appealing.

The list is not about open source alternatives, but free alternatives (e.g., WPS Office).

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