Robert Steele: Khashoggi False Flag CIA Princes Bandar Turki Coup Against Trump & MbS UPDATE 20: Saudi Lead on Alledged Murder a Zionist Asset?

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UPDATE 20: Saudi Lead on Alledged Murder a Zionist Asset?

UPDATE 19: Sybel Edmunds in Turkey Confirms CIA-Mossad False Flag Fake Girlfriend, No Body

UPDATE 18: The CIA lied about the Russians hacking the election, could they be lying (or deceived by the Zionists) on MBS's role? President is CORRECT to say CIA assessment is “premature.”

ORIGINAL and Updates Below the Fold.

NOTE: This is an evolving narrative — the “latest” conclusions are at the end.

Both King Salman and MBS are reported to have been executed back in April, and two pretenders said to have been leading Saudi Arabia with the probable complicity of the US and Israel. We have no direct knowledge. Russians and Iranians may be about to release what they know. There do not appear to be recent pictures — the ones I am seeing are recycled from 2017.

Mike Pompeo could be playing a role. I believe that Senator Lindsey “Born Again” Graham's call for the end of MBS — not normal at all — is a sign that both Pompeo and Lindsey know MBS is dead and are going through the  motions, especially when compared to reactions after 9/11.

I do not have any more information but speculate that this was a Zionist-assisted coup and that the Zionists may have set the Khashoggi killing up to help the US loot the Saudi wealth now on deposit in the USA and score some major points with President Trump to stave off denuclearization. I have no direct knowledge.  If I had to guess  I would speculate that CIA and the Zionists used “talking rocks” and other channels to lead the existing Saudi leadership to go nuts and issue a fatwa on Khashoggi. The ultimate end: to take a one trillion dollar cut from the Saudi wealth now in trust with the USA, and down the Saudi leaders on Yemen and Syria going into the mid-terms.  See UPDATE 4 for the new alternative: Khashoggi is alive (or buried in Israel or  Turkey) and this entire matter is a joint Zionist-Turkish takedown of the existing Saudi leadership.  Note: we reject any possibility of “orchestrating” anything here — but note with interest that a Member of the House Intelligence Committee believes US intelligence shared with the Saudis may have incited them to lure and murder Khashoggi.

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Joaquin Castro accuses (((Kushner))) of orchestrating killing of Khashoggi

he meant to express that he wants Congress to open an investigation into whether U.S. intelligence was shared with Saudi Arabia that may have led to Khashoggi's death.

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Robert Steele and Ben Fulford in Tokyo

ROBERT STEELE: Benjamin Fulford was the first to write about possible US theft (a matter of interpretation since US has been sodomized by the Saudis for decades) of Saudi treasure in the US.  Below are Ben's original post, and my review of Robert Baer's core book relevant to this matter.

The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia

Review: Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude

And now we have this most interesting piece that inspired UPDATE 1:

Ghassan and Itbah Kadj: The Khashoggi Extortion


One of the original 9/11 Jersey Girls (families of 9/11  that never bought the government lies about what was obviously a false flag operation sanctioned by our own government) has produced the below indictment of all concerned. Her one failure is to not directly indict both the Zionist government of Israel and its Mossad as well as the Zionist sayonim that converted a commercial insurance fraud crime into a national security false flag event with a $12B payoff, and Dick Cheney. To that end, see the second link.

Jamal Khashoggi: Where The Road to Damascus & The Path to 9/11 Converge

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 6 Adds Sandy Hook Volume


ROBERT STEELE: I have made some edits to my original comment, doubling down on MBS having died in April, and adding speculation on a possible joint CIA-Mossad operation to create this travesty toward a trillion dollar heist. The pundits speaking of MBS as if he were alive and responsible have probably not met him.


A former White House and intelligence official has come in with the following that we offer verbatim:

Robert, the Kashoggi matter was an op (one way or another) set up by the Zionists on behalf of the Satanic Pedophile Ruling Cabal to create a spanking for the Saudis for their secret agreement to sell crude oil to the Chinese and accept Renminbis instead of the US Dollar.

If I remember the date correctly, it was in 1971 while working for President Nixon, Heinz Kissinger negotiated the US Petro Dollar Agreement that the might of the US Military would be used to protect the Saudis and any OPEC member IF they agreed to only accept the US Dollar as payments for their crude. Part of the sub-agreement with the Saudis was that they would make most military equipment and arms purchases from the USA.

The Saudis broke this rule and the Ruling Cabal is going to spank them because this breaks (((Goldman Sachs))) and other intermediary control mechanisms — the Cabal loses control of oil manipulation. Plus there was an article in the Saudi press when the 28 page classified section of the Saudis was being promoted by certain members of Congress implying that the Saudis did 9-11-01 that if this was released as an attempt to blame the Saudis for 9-11-01, they would tell the truth the Israel ran the op. This story allegedly came directly from the old King himself not his son the Crown Prince.

Your two suggestions for T to take control in your column today are excellent; keep up the great work. God Bless you Robert.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  The King is dead, long live the King. Saudi Arabia is an advanced version of the  Congo — the Cabal has let them get obscenely wealthy (and obscenely peverse) as a condition of underlying control by the Cabal and its Zionist underbelly. 9/11, although supported by George Tenet, Buzzy Krongard, John Brennan and the CIA elements willing to pay any price for eternal war, and the Saudi leadership, was absolutely planned and executed by the Zionists with the complicity of the Governors of New York and New Jersey, the Mayor of New York City, and with the active encouragement and orchestration of George H. W. Bush as President and Dick Cheney as Secretary of Defense and then later virtual President — both Dan Quayle and George Walker Bush were virtual dolts and placeholders.  I agree with Peter Dale Scott who says that Dick Cheney converted the super-secret Continuity of Government (COG) program into his Shadow Government command and control platform, and I agree with most of what David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, and others have written.  I particularly draw the public's attention (our President already knows this) to Tom-Scott Gordon's memorandum below: 9/11 was commercial insurance fraud planned from 1989, and converted into a false flag event in 2001 — over a decade of criminal planning — at the suggestion of the Zionists and their US sayonim by Bush Senior and Cheney — with the active complicity of two Governors and one Mayor — as a pretext for creating a police state at home and eternal war abroad.

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Peter Dale Scott: Memorandum for the President: 9/11, Dick Cheney, & The Hijacking of the U.S. Government

Tom-Scott Gordon: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 WTC Towers Condemned Before 9/11, Cost to Dismantle $2B+, 2007 Deadline, Known to Rudy Giuliani (Mayor of NYC from 1994 – December 2001)

Fred Burks: Memorandum for the President: Evidence 9/11 Used to Launder $240 Billion in Covert Securities in a Covert Economic War

Greg Felton: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 Zionism’s Great Feeding Frenzy – The Parasite Eats the Host

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Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 6 Adds Sandy Hook Volume

Allow me to state clearly that I consider James Clapper, Mike Hayden, and John Brennan as well as George Tenet to be at a minimum grotesquely incompetent intelligence leaders and at worst out-right traitors. All of us swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign. None of them stood up to Dick Cheney. Within the FBI it appears to me that Louis Freeh resigned rather than be Director on the  day (he knew in advance), Thomas Pickard was not trusted as acting, and Robert Mueller was hired explicitly to cover up 9/11 and protect Dick Cheney.

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Susan Lindauer: Memorandum for the President: CIA’s Advance Knowledge of 9/11 Date Including Nuclear Possibilities

Nicholas Kollerstrom: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 an Inside Job, Osama Bin Laden Framed, FBI Aware

Gordon Duff: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 NYC Was a Nuclear Event Crafted by Israel and Saudi Arabia, With Help and Cover From Dick Cheney

Thierry Meyssan: Open Letter to President Trump on 9/11

Masters of Deception – Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax by Zander C. Fuerza (Free Online PDF)

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If President Trump were to ask me today how he should handle this — not that he needs my help — I would say this:

Robert David Steele in Afghanistan

Mr. President, I believe the Zionists, with help from rogue elements of CIA and NSA, deceived the existing Saudi leadership — the King and MBS having been killed in April — into believing that Khashoggi was the mastermind or key node for a plot against the Kingdom so heineous that extraordinary measures were required. They probably also fabricated assurances that the USA would turn a blind eye (this is pretty much how we treated General Manuel Noriega, the CIA promised him they had his back but were not able to deliver on that promise when Florida politics impacted on national politics and Bush was forced to betray an ally).

EDIT of 20181019: See UPDATE 5 below — there is growing evidence this was intended to be the catalyst — a covert media influence operation — intended to displace MBS and restore Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud and his corrupt cronies to power. MBS, unlike Bandar, is not part of the Deep State and Bush-Cheney Crime Family inner circle.

The ALTERNATIVE explanation is that Khashoggi is safe in Israel (or dead and buried in Israel or Turkey — we cannot overlook the possibility of Turkish complicity), this was a false flag operation by Zionist Israel intended to frame the Saudis. I note that Ambassador Robert Jordan dismissed the Saudi's king report to him years ago that the Zionists did 9/11 — Ambassador Jordan cannot be trusted and his ties to the Zionists should be investigated. Similarly, Joe Biden and the Democrats appear to see this as a change to harm you, Mr. President, specifically and immediately. Joe Biden's communications with Zionist agents should be investigated immediately.  Nothing, however, will defeat your decisive investigation and accounting to the public.  Please do not get rolled!

The Zionists are getting desperate. They know that the minute you host a 9/11 Truth Summit as David Ray Griffin has recommended; the minute you convene a criminal grand jury in the Southern District of New York as the Lawyer's Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has recommended; the minute you support the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act at Richard Gage and the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have recommended, Zionism (not to be confused with Judaism) is OVER. Both the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ((((AIPAC)))) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL – the Zionist censors and secret police) will be declared agents of a foreign power and their leaders subject to military tribunal justice. The thousands of fake non-profits (((AIPAC))) uses to suck the life blood from loyal American Jews will lose their non-profit status and the repatriation of funds to Israel for the genocide of the Palestinians will be OVER. Of course you should advance — as Ron and Rand Paul and I and many others have recommended — your withdrawal from elective wars overseas, beginning with the termination of taxpayer donations to both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Our military-industrial complex needs to be redirected toward Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) and the beating of swords that profit the 1% into plowshares that profit the 99%. We can give them a soft landing — peace is more profitable than war, but the profits are more widely distributed, which is why the banks favor war.

Mr. President, Khashoggi, like 9/11, is a Zionist event manufactured with the complicity of elements of the secret intelligence community that continue to betray you.The Zionists have gotten away with this for so long because  the FBI and CIA have given them cover and they are the masters of pedophilia entrapment and blackmail as well as bribery. Taking on the Zionists will NOT cost you nine million Jewish votes, it will GAIN you 25 million or more fence-sitters who understand that America First means we must end the Congressional (two-party tyranny) commitment to Israel First. Like the Federal Reserve, the Zionists must be put down before you can Make America Great Again.

Please note that bi-partisan condemnation of the Saudis and lock-step condemnation of the Saudis by the Mainstream Media (MSM) do not happen by coincidence. The Zionists have clearly provided the script to everyone in Congress  that signed the virtual (((AIPAC))) pledge to put Israel first, and the MSM is under Zionist control as are the elements of #GoogleGestapo — Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube etcetera.

PREDICTION: If the plot is fully successfull, MBS will “commit suicide” (never mind that he died in April) and leave a suicide note taking responsibility for both 9/11 and Khashoggi. There is no limit to the deception — a Zionist forte — that can be applied here — they are one step from the hangman's noose and that is a powerful incentive.

You do not lack for intelligence in your government, you lack for integrity in your government. None of the people around you has the balls to tell you the truth and encourage you to follow your instincts.  9/11 Truth may have been one election cycle too soon before Khashoggi but the torture and dismemberment of Khashoggi (or its simulation) changes everything — STRIKE NOW, confident of God's justice.

Now is the time for you  to fulfill your promise on 9/11, put this event in context for the public prior to Election Day — the Saudis will probably go along with the trillion dollar transfer out of gratitude, you can announce your recapture of the $15 trillion from the banks, and inform the public that you have a plan to totally eliminating the deficit (and balancing the federal budget) in your second term, but you need control of the House to finish the job. Add my suggestions on Carol Anne Mosely to the UN, pardons for the Black Panthers next week, and a commitment to #UNRIG Election Reform Act before Election Day to be passed by Congress in 2019 in time for 2020, and it is GAME OVER.

Robert Steele: 10 Moves To Hold the House UPDATE 3 Adds Announced Move 3

Robert David STEELE Vivas


Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele




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Ben Fulford has been burned a few times by sources who “set him up” with information that turned out to be false. I flew to Japan to spend a week with Ben and some of his sources and I am totally satisfied that Ben is a priceless reporter who is right 80% of the time and should never be ignored.  Here is what Ben wrote back to me when I told him I was being challenged on the MBS death in April:

Please post this reply.

First of all, for a long time, Khazarian agents have been using a tactic against people like me and my murdered colleague Christopher Story. It involves informing us that people are dead only to have them appear after we report it. For example, Christopher Story and I were both repeatedly told that (((Henry Kissinger))) was dead or arrested only to have him appear at a major public event shortly after we reported on this.

For that reason, when I report that a Senior CIA source told me John Kerry was dead, I am reporting what the source says. I was told John Kerry was dead by such a source and after I was informed of that he vanished from public view for about a year. The John Kerry we are recently seeing on TV looks a lot younger than the John Kerry we saw in the run up to the 2016 Presidential election. However, it may well be I was told a lie by the CIA source since these people specialize in deceit.

It is well known that body doubles are a common tactic used at the highest levels of power since time immemorial. It is also well known now that the technology exists to make realistic videos of people using computer graphics.

For all the above reasons, it is a tricky business to report people as dead.

In the case of Mohamed Bin Salman, what we know is as follows: There was a shooting incident reported at his palace in April. Shortly afterwords Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to visit him. The dinner meeting with MBS was delayed and no photograph of the two meeting was issued even though it is normal protocol for such a picture to be issued or taken by the press.

Since then, MBS vanished from public view for a long time. Recently a man claimed to be MBS has been appearing but he definitely looks different. My best guess is that a body double was created and we had to wait for the plastic surgery to heal before he could be trotted out in public.

Finally, last week a senior Japanese intelligence official told me he personally called MBS's lawyer, a man always seen with him. The lawyer told him MBS was shot twice in the head in April and was dead.

Since the death or life of MBS involves the control over trillions of petro-dollars, clearly creating the appearance he is still alive is very important for the petro-dollar people.

Time will tell the truth as it always does.

Benjamin Fulford
Tokyo, Japan
18 October 2018

Robert Steele

In further consideration of this entire Khashoggi matter being a Deep State “October Surprise” intended to undermine President Donald Trump, see the essay by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell below, with one extract — it is well-documented with many links and worthy of a full reading. Nothing is ever what it seems — and when  the entire two-party tyranny and the MSM (and John Brennan) are in agreement, intelligent people should all look in the other direction.

Farrell raises a NEW ALTERNATIVE explanation. Leaving aside the matter of whether MBS was killed in April or not, MBS (or whoever replaced MBS) pushed aside a number of corrupt princes and intelligence officials. This atrocity, which they must have known would not be kept secret, could be an internal Saudi effort to smear the prince, reverse the reforms, and restore the power of the Bush Cabal favorite prince (Bush Junior is said to have been a Saudi toy boy at Yale) Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, who has previously sought to stage a coup. This alternative explanation would explain why the Deep State forces including disgraced CIA director John Brennan and the entire MSM, and going along with the “blame MBS, hang MBS” theme. See also the Jersey girls above.


Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”.  PBI: Patristics or patrology is the study of the early Christian writers who are designated Church Fathers.


it's that connection to Adnan Khashoggi that reveals just how deep this rabbit hole may be, and why so many now seem more concerned about why Khashoggi was suddenly “disappeared” in a Saudi version of an Arkancide.

And lest we forget, Adnan was Jamal's uncle, and Jamal was a cousin to the late Princess Di's lover, Dodi Fayed: Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a nephew of a billionaire arms dealer and second cousin of Princess Diana's lover Dodi Fayed

I mention all this because of two overriding common features to all of these interesting connections; those features are (1) a connection to international finance; and (2) a connection to intelligence agencies, and especially, to the PROMIS software which could be – and according to some, was – modified to track financial transactions “in real time.” And that, in my high octane speculation for today, is what I suspect the real story is here, for as I pointed out in my book Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations, there is a financial aspect to the 9/11 conspiracy that is quite large and which, in my opinion, is one of the centers and key motivations for the whole tragedy.

I suspect, that some in the “deep state” have some deep stress and anxiety right now, and that those anxieties concern that “deep background”.

Click on Image to Enlarge

ROBERT STEELE: I believe that the Khashoggi affair offers President Donald Trump an opportunity to NOT throw the Saudis under the bus (for which he can count on a trillion dollar donation to the US Treasury), and instead to mandate the 9/11 Truth initiatives (not conclusion, just set the wheels in motion) that will fulfill his promise to get to the bottom of /911: a national 9/11 Truth Summit as proposed by David Ray Griffin, a criminal grand jury as demanded of the Southern District of New York as demanded by the Lawyer's Committee of Inquiry into 9/11, and the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act as called for by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The HYPOCRISY of people like Senator Bob Corker is breath-taking — not a word about ZIONIST-Saudi murder of 3,000 on 9/11 and now we want to nuke them over one journalist-agent who is arguably a traitor to multiple parties?

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 6 Adds Sandy Hook Volume

My bottom line: the Bush-Cheney Crime Family and the Zionists including their Black Nobility fronts (the New York Banking families rooted in Jacab (((Schiff))) and the Warburgers) think they own Donald Trump. I am not so sure. They all want him to smash Saudi Arabia.  He should not do so.


There are growing signs that Khashoggi, who was expelled from Saudi Arabia for being critical of President Donald Trump, was lured into a trap intended to set the world against MBS.  The corrupt princes and senior intelligence officers displaced by MBS are the primary suspects. There is no evidence at this point that King Salman, MBS, or Bandar are actually alive — Saudi Arabia is a “denied area” to the CIA and no one in Washington appears to have a clue. The Israelis are pushing the line — as much as they want to distract everyone from 9/11 Truth, the last thing they want at this point to be blamed for Khashoggi's torture and dismemberment, if indeed this is what happened.

The Saudis appear to have bought some time from President Donald Trump with a $100M transfer, additional donations to the US Treasury toward lowering the deficit could reasonably be expected (the deficit is annual and toward one trillion a year; the debt is $21trillion — Saudi donations could help the President keep the deficit lower during his Administration).

Jamal Khashoggi and the failed plot against MBS

Did the Khashoggi affair spring from a coup attempt against the Saudi crown prince?

Saudi royal family ‘discussing succession' over Khashoggi crisis

Saudi King Salman Checks Crown Prince’s Power As Jamal Khashoggi Crisis Grows

Saudis transfer $100M to US Gov, as suspect in Khashoggi murder dies in “car accident”

ROBERT STEELE: President Trump is now on safe ground should he choose to ascribe the Khoshoggi matter to rogue elements seeking to overthrow the King and MBS (whether MBS is dead or alive, others can resolve that, I remain largely confident that Ben Fulford's sourcing is worthy of respect). President Trump can explicitly point out that Turki bin Faisal Al Saud was the primary Zionist and Bush-Cheney Crime Family collaborator in relation to 9/11, and worked with now disgraced former CIA director John Brennan when Brennan was in Saudi Arabia as Chief of Station, signing the visas for the patsies. If President Trump combines this finding with the 9/11 Truth recommendations above (summit, criminal grand jury, legislation for a new investigation) he will not only bury this story, he will probably get up to $500B if not more from Saudi Arabia as a contribution toward lowering the deficit.

I totally disagree with Phil Giraldi, former clandestine case officer and advisor to Ron Paul, who is claiming Trump is going to whitewash this. The President must take great care to avoid being rolled by the Zionists and the Deep State. He is on solid ground assigning probable culpability to renegade princes.

Trump to Help Saudis Whitewash Khashoggi’s Murder: Ex-CIA Officer

I disagree with Gordon Duff who claims President Trump ordered the hit and CIA under Gina Haspel worked with Saudi leadership to make it happen.  Gordon's entire account strikes me as very far-fetched and the kind of stuff John Brennan would want to have read everywhere. I like and respect Gordon as I do Ben Fulford and many others who talk to me, but this one is right up there with Kathy Griffin on a bad night — strikingly, Gordon uses this photo at the top of his article — I do believe that is enough of a commentary.

Breaking: Intel Drop, Trump Ordered Khashoggi Mutilation Murder

This was a Deep State operation intended to destroy Donald Trump. That the President did not fall for it is further proof that our president has gravitas.

UPDATE 6 mini-update — deepens the 9/11 connection.

Sorcha Faal, despite being a known fabricator, has a gift for connecting dots and weaving a narrative, and the names and links are always real. We place great value in the material that follows, which supports our final conclusion: this was a Saudi coup by Bandar and Turki and the like, with very strong support from the Deep State, its Zionist underbelly, John Brennan and other CIA rogues, and the Mainstream Media, all in lock step with the fake news Deep State false  flag narrative.

Putin Looks To Heaven As Trump-Clinton War Spreads To Saudi Arabia Over Fears Of 9/11 Truth Exposure

On 24 October 2017, this report continues, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman made his first attack against all of the Saudi royals aligned with Prince Turki al Faisal, and believed to have been complicit in the 9/11 attack on America—that was preceded by Prince Turki al Faisal openly slamming President Trump for threatening to pull out of the Iran deal made with President Obama—thus causing Jamal Khashoggi to flee from the Kingdom to the United States where the “Deep State” aligned Washington Post than gave him protection—most particularly because he had headed the Saudi media empire controlled by former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al Faisal.

To why both Hillary Clinton and Prince Turki al Faisal wanted Khashoggi exterminated, this report explains, was to keep him from revealing what he knew about 9/11, and that many believe he was preparing to do—and whose “added bonus” would be to undermine both Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and President Trump—most particularly by their being able to force Trump to attack the Crown Prince, who would then retaliate by forcing the price of oil to catastrophically rise and cancelling all military sales, that, in turn, would collapse the US stock market right before the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Centered at the most pivotal point in this attack against both President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, this report points out, is former Obama national security advisor and US Marine Corp General James L. Jones—who was given a contract by Prince Turki al Faisal to work with Saudi intelligence—and whose top intelligence officer he worked directly for, General Ahmed al-Assiri, is now under investigation for have masterminded whatever happened to Khashoggi.

Read full article.


From a retired officer with decades of Deep State counterintelligence time.

The whole bottom line with these two sophisticated double binds is to diminish Trump and the Republicans' chances of maintaining the House and Senate (more so the House). The Cabal is finally waking up and realizing what is being done to them and they are deeply frightened. They are desperate and are resorting to long proven old tricks.

Double bind #1: Koshoggi matter. Whether K was murdered or not, it's a total no win situation for T. If he does nothing he will be criticized for being weak. If he stops military equipment and arms sales, the big DOD contractors will be very upset and the stock market will dive or be made to weaken by the Satanic Ruling Cabal. There is a growing mass of Americans that want the US Military out of the Mideast and to stop aiding the Saudi genocide of Yemen's women and children. The Cabal (SRC) which includes the CIA/FBI/UASAF/Mossad/IDF/Likudists/COL/oil/pedo satanic network and banking families all want the US to keep supporting Saudi Arabia no matter what but threatening them to keep them on the US Petro dollar and stop selling oil to China for Renminbis, but they want the Saudi spanked for starting this China breech. The only group smart enough to set this ops up no matter what it is, is the Mossad.

Double bind #2: the huge caravan of illegal immigrants from Central America, their transportation fully paid for by , senior cutout and tool for the Satanic Pedophile Cabal (SPC). Normally in the past anyone who harmed US National Security like he did that was not part of the SPC had a signed finding and was neutralized completely, almost always terminated with extreme prejudice. Because he is Cabal he is fully protected by the full weight of the Satanic Pedophile Cabal, like other key cutouts like Heinz Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, GHWB/Scherf. If T brings in the military trained snipers will open up on these illegal immigrants who claim to be political refugees that need asylum in order to survive homicidal tyranny. Women and children will be slaughtered to blame on T. This will brings mass outrage from the CIA news venders (all of the media except the Internet's Al Media and  several fox). If T does nothing, this will make him look weak and he will lose votes.

These are very crafty double-binds that the Cabal is behind. If there is a solution to both it will have to include some very sophisticated counter-covert actions such as National Security Findings (NSFs, aka “signed findings”) against the Cabal King Pins to perhaps “disappear them under US National security” which has been done for years to non-cabal members. Perhaps it is time for the USN to put its foot down and start sanctioning Cabal kingpins who love to pedophile little kids, then torture them and sacrifice them to Baal for more satanic power. “What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander and what goes around should come around. The Cabal has been using National Security Findings (NSFs) for many years against all their enemies, perhaps like treatment should no be directed against them by the USN.

I believe that all secrecy is ending and those who seized control through the Secret Space War system are going to release everything stages and decimate the Cabal completely step by step no matter what they do. This will give us more time in the USA but the new agenda may not be what we want either, just an improvement.

Phi Beta Iota: We believe our esteemed retired colleague may not have realized that is said to have died unexpectedly in late September or early October 2017; that his death was concealed until mid-October 2017 when $18 billion was transferred to Open Society Foundations and arrangements were made for his heirs and assigns to receive their allocations. It would be quite worthwhile to apply Thin  Thread to all financial transactions across all (((Soros))) activities — they should quickly lead to a CIA, Mossad, and other Deep State entity overlap.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The President is showing enormous intelligence and restraint. The Khoshoggi matter can be buried by pinning it on Bandar and Turki, keep the military contracts going BUT tell the military-industrial complex privately they need to start planning to convert from swords to plowshares, and from foreign sales to domestic rebuilding. The caravan has been handled brilliantly — Mexico and the Central American leaders see the logic of stopping this dead so as to not lose all scheduled assistance from the US and the President has probably by now determined who paid the organizers and who has been funding the water and other resources that allowed the caravan to move and grow.  I worry about a couple of mind-controlled suicide shooters but the President's “Jobs versus Mobs” meme appears to be scaling nicely. If there is a shooter event before Election Day the President will have no alternative  but to publicly go to the mat on false flags with the two below collections of memoranda for the President.

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 6 Adds Sandy Hook Volume

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? Should #GoogleGestapo Be Closed Down?

IF there is a false flag shooter event in the USA before Election Day, I offer the below letter as delivered this week to the Attorney General, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Chairman of both the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees in the Senate and the House. The national security system is OUT OF CONTROL — the LEGALIZED LIES are out of control. The President cannot trust anything he is being told by “the system.”

DOC (2 Pages): A Letter to DHS AG Hill REDACTED


Berto Jongman

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman in Europe.

20181021 Guardian Jamal Khashoggi: murder in the consulate

20181021 Reuters Amid scepticism, Saudi official provides another version of Khashoggi death

20181021 New York Times Deployed Online Army to Harass Dissident Journalist Khashoggi

20181020 Independent Bee stung: Was Jamal Khashoggi the first casualty in a Saudi cyberwar?

20181020 Guardian Republicans break ranks with Trump over Saudi dissident’s death

20181019 Newsweek Saudi Arabia's King May Turn On Crown Prince Over Missing Journalist Affair, Reports Say

20181019 Newsweek Jamal Khashoggi Secret Interview: The Saudi Journalist’s Views of Islam, America and the ‘Reformist’ Prince Implicated in His Murder

20181019 Strategic Culture Opportunities Abound After Khashoggi-Gate

20181018 Strategic Culture Killing Jamal Khashoggi Was Easy. Explaining It Is Much Harder

20181018 Daily Beast The Real Reasons Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Wanted Khashoggi ‘Dead or Alive'

20181018 Business Insider The Khashoggi disappearance hangs heavily over a $2 trillion deal that the London Stock Exchange is hoping to close

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Once again, it bears emphasis. This was a Deep State attack on Donald Trump as well as a deliberate covert action to create an atrocity as a preamble to a coup in Saudi Arabia. The President is being lied to by the US secret intelligence community (and probably the Turks as well).  No audio recording (or video recording for that matter) can be relied upon, they are too easy to fabricate now. The Mainstream Media (MSM) and Crap News Network and NYT and Newsweek are partcularly useful — any story line they are promulgating is certain to be a Deep State narrative and the truth is sure to be found in the other direction.

A special note on Independent “Bee” story: utter bullshit.  This is part of reinforcing a fake narrative that makes Khashoggi out to be some kind of Lawrence of Arabia, when in fact he was a toady to Bandar and Turki. $5,000 is chump change — if anything Khashoggi was investigating them and trying to elicit more information.

A special note on the Daily Beast article that quotes Barbara Bodine extensively and seeks to elevate Khashoggi's near-godly status with the Muslim Brotherhood as “the reason.” First the Muslim Brotherhood is a Deep State creation and just as with ISIS, CIA is dirty dirty dirty in that department. Second, Bodine, as Ambassador in Yemen with the Zionists put a torpedo into the USS Cole, was the one who threw the FBI out of the country when they started getting close to the truth. She appears to be a Deep State pawn through and through. This deepens our conviction that this entire event was manufactured to embarrass and undermine President Donald Trump while enabling a coup in Saudi Arabia.

In passing, not only is our President conscious of the multi-trillion dollar implications of the existing US-Saudi economic relations, but there is the $2T Saudi Aramco IPO — the King stopped it once but if it were to go forward, naturally President Trump wants it done within Wall Street not in the UK.

There is only one correct answer for the Khashoggi instance: Bandar and Turki and all those that MBS pressured aligned with the Deep State and the Zionists to set all this up. The President has a clear exit strategy with this narrative that I have put forward.  I am surprised the Saudi's are bumbling around with inaccurate half-stories. In combination with the President's elegant handling of the contrived Central American caravan of illegal immigrants, he is on a good course. We should expect at least two more Deep State attacks on the President in the next fifteen days.


Berto Jongman

Saudi crown prince ‘phoned Khashoggi at the consulate right before he was killed'

Phi Beta Iota: It is simple to fake calls.  The Zionists do it all the time to NSA, using “talking rocks” as well as voice synthesizers. Apart from whether or not MBS was killed in April and a stand-in has been there since, everything we have heard so far is consistent with a contrived event intended to cause President Trump to make a mistake that would impact on mid-term elections.

See Especially:

This robot speech simulator can imitate anyone’s voice

Mongoose: “Non-Lethal” Directed Energy Acoustic Weapons in the USA — Words in Your Head, Words in Your Mouth… The Ultimate False Flag Scripting

See Also:

Talking Rocks @ Phi Beta Iota


Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Gordon Duff and Benjamin Fulford are both extraordinary figures and I consider myself lucky to know them and speak with them regularly. Both have a tendency to weave narratives that include information that many would consider far-fetched (others would call it “beyond Top Secret”) and sometimes they are plain wrong — as I am on occasion. Below are two WORST CASE scenarios.  I tend to discount the first but would point out that if Bandar and Turki are still best pals with the CIA under Gina Haspel, then Gordon's first scenario is plausible — the equivalent of the horse's head on the bed of the Hollywood movie producer, as a preamble to demanding a one trillion dollar pay-off. Gordon's second is more plausible in two ways: first, the US lost control of its nuclear arsenal long ago, and black market sales of US nuclear materials have been a Deep State staple for some time; and second, is known to have been prodded by Israel to give the Saudis nuclear materials and Yemen is a logical testing ground. My understanding is that we are headed toward denuclearizing Israel, not enabling Saudi nuclearization. Ben is most valuable for his sense of the balance of power between China, Russia, and the USA, I strongly recommend that serious people subscribe to his weekly newsletter. I believe that Ben is on to something very important and that the Saudi Ambassador to the USA, Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, has just a couple of days to persuade the Saudi leadership that a new era has begun; this needs to be pinned on Bandar and Turki and the  Zionists thrown under the bus.  Remember the USS Liberty.  Learn about 9/11. Zionism is OVER. As with the Koreas, the time has come for peace in the Middle East and an end to war as a profit center for the banks and Zionists.

Intel Drop: Khashoggi and Some Very Nasty Truth

Our sources say CIA Director Gina Haspel – who helped train Saudi murder teams – came to the White House to meet Trump. We don’t have a record of who else was in the room. Haspel then flew to Saudi Arabia, while faking a schedule showing herself to be elsewhere, meeting with security personnel. She explained that Trump had to teach a lesson to the Washington Post and, in particular, to their “much richer than Trump by a thousand-fold” owner Jeff Bezos. Khashoggi was a natural target.

Haspel brought this to the table – a last ditch attempt to save Saudi Arabia from being crushed by Houthi tribesmen with not much more than spears.

Evidence of a nuclear attack [by Israel on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Yemen], all videos cleansed by Google, in Addendum III below, including documentary proof. You see, the Saudis have a great thirst for covert nuclear programs, having begun buying them soon after South Africa and Israel exploded their first weapon in 1979. See Addendum 4 for Peter Eyre’s 2010 article, archived exclusively by VT (as usual).

You see, the Khashoggi killing was only one opener in a wider deal, with buying the congressional midterm elections in trade for a Saudi casino deal, a deal sweetened by the Haspel/Bolton/(((Kushner)))/Pompeo/Trump sale of tactical nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia to be used against Yemen, Iran and even Iraq, all to be hushed up by Israel’s stranglehold on the world’s media. This nuke-peddling ring, once controlled by Victor Bout on behalf of Israel and Ukraine, was ratted out by Dmitri Khalezov, VT editor and former Soviet nuclear investigator.

Read full article including Addendums.

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SPECIAL: Working for Israel to Enable Saudi Arabian Nuclear Attack Against Iran UPDATE 3: Trump May Be Gaming Zionists & Saudis, Pence to Go?

Robert Steele: Peace in the Middle East – Denuclearizing Israel, Restoring Palestine, and More (Trump Revolution 30)

Dave Janda with Greg Hunter: Iran Nuclear Deal – Not Signed, $1.5B in Bribes to Obama & EU Leaders, Drugs Aspect — Trump is Setting the Stage for “Fix Big” Middle East Peace Deal

Saudi-Israeli “axis of evil” being taken down by international alliance


“This appears to be a plan to end the petrodollar, the Israeli-Saudi axis of evil, and the fountainhead of terrorism, as many things converge to collapse the old financial system so the new Quantum Financial System and Global Currency Reset can be launched,” the sources add.

CIA sources also say “Khazarian war criminal (((Netanyahu))) is about to take the fall for something big that he is involved with. The U.S. is pulling the plug. Too much pressure is being put on Trump and others very close to him.” We assume this will be (((Netanyahu)))’s involvement with the 9/11 and Fukushima mass murder terror attacks.

In essence, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the central bank for central banks, was given strong warnings to cut off the Zionist/Satanic (((Rothschild))) family “or else,” the sources say.

As a result, the control of the existing global financial system has changed hands. The Manchu royals say the Rothschilds never controlled more than 8% of the world’s gold. Now the Asian secret societies and the U.S. military-industrial complex have agreed to cut off the Zionists’ control of the financial system.

Meanwhile, both U.S. military intelligence and Canadian intelligence sources warned that the Khazarians (“lizards”) were going to bring out some hidden technology to try to manipulate public opinion using holograms and “voices.”

Read full article.

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UPDATE 10 mini-update.

An Alert Reader has come in with a summary of what George Webb is saying.  We like George Webb. He has a gift and we respect that.  Here is the Alert Reader's summary (so a second hand rendition).

George Webb points out that Khashoggi was a BIG time Saudi Intel official himself and bag man had wired money to the team that came to the Saudi Embassy to run the operation of a coup d'état for the demise MbS and the King. According to Webb, once the funds hit the wire to the team, they turned the table on him and Khashoggi demise became the operation.  That Webb scenario runs well with Castro accusation that the maneuvers of Jared and his Né-10 Yahoo posse [for Israel] orchestrated this hit by passing and manipulating info, respectively, to KSA royals and aligns your experience that Né-10 Yahoo posse likely collected actual or fabricated information  illustrating Khashoggi coup d'état design to KSA officials/Intel.  On another but parallel front, sinister Intel handlers in the three countries most responsible in pulling 9/11 duped Khashoggi the logistics leading to his belief that he could orchestrate this coup d'état against the House of Saud.  The constant in Castro Webb RDS is that this was a well planned operation orchestrated by multiple parties. Khashoggi has been written to be upset at KSA rapprochement with Israel at the clear detriment of Palestinians, whose causes he champions as one prolific critic and thorn of Israel's oppressive apartheid policies via his wide spread influence as a writer; this buttresses Castro angle that Jared would be assigned by Zionists to get rid of this thorn for maligning his passion and allegiance for Israel with accumulating scorn by passing Jamal incriminating info to KSA. 


Tip of the hat to Tyler Cowen at (((Bloomberg))) for this common sense piece:

The U.S. Needs Saudi Arabia, and Vice Versa

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The hypocrisy of the US Deep State and its servants — notably BOTH political parties (which disenfranchise 70% of all US voters) and the Mainstream Media (MSM) — is palpable.  Everyone knows that the Zionists did 9/11.  Everyone knows that the CIA has been doing rendition & torture as well as drone assassinations and regime change (including training and support for secret police who murder and torture tens of thousands). The contrived hysteria over Khoshoggi is clearly a Deep State initiative seeking to hurt our President and interfere with the mid-term elections.

There is a very simple exit strategy, particularly if the Kingdom is ready to

a) admit that MBS was killed with two head shots in April and a stand-in has been used since then — this takes MBS as an individual off the table.

b) assign blame to Bandar and Turki, both of whom were complicit with the Bush-Cheney criminal family that partnered with the Zionists, and both of whom have the strongest ties to all those who traveled to Turkey; hang them both, publicly, for attempting a coup against the MBS stand-in and the King.

c) reveal what the King told Ambassador Robert Jordan, but publicly and with documentation: the Zionists were the planners and the primary executors of 9/11; clarify that the Kingdom provided patsies and logistics at the explicit request of the CIA and the Bush-Cheney crime family — this atrocity with Khashoggi was planned by Bandar, Turki, the Zionists, and CIA, as a means of attacking President Trump and setting the stage for a break with the King that would allow them to successfully overthrow the King.



The Deep State shows its hand. Thank you Jeff Bezos and (((Elliott Abrams))), ubber Zionist, for making a YUGE mistake. The below headline had to be preserved, they may change it soon.  We do not make this shit up.  God Bless America.

Finally, bipartisan repudiation of “America First.”

And in a second marvelous keystone cops vignette, here is a Gab (replacement to Twitter) post with comments that suggest that  either the Turks are trying to frame the Saudis, or the Saudis are deliberately trying to feed the media frenzy with idiocy.  Wrong hair, wrong face, wrong shoes, and this is supposed to be a body double? And they give it to Crap News Network exclusively, the primary outlet for the Deep State? This smells.

Thomas Wictor @Thomas_Wictor PRO

“When he exited the consulate dressed as Khashoggi, the video then appears to show him wearing the same dark pair of sneakers with white soles that he first arrived in prior to the journalist's death.”

Surveillance footage shows Saudi ‘body double' in Khashoggi's clothes after he was killed, Turkish source says

So he was not only wearing the wrong shoes, he was wearing shoes that were instantly identified as the wrong shoes.

See UPDATE 11. That is our final answer.

UPDATE 12 mini-update:

A sensible article from the Los Angeles Times.

The Khashoggi case is far more complicated than the news media are making it out to be


We're waiting for more information. Generally a body without the fingers and with an unrecognizable disfigured face is a fake body. There is no evidence just yet that Khashoggi is actually dead.

Jamal Khashoggi's body parts found in Saudi consul general's home: Report

The contrived hysteria about the fake bombs, none of them actually mailed (which is to say each was either hand-delivered or they were mailed to the intended recipients and then each recipient planted the fake bombs in their own mailbox), has buried the Khashoggi story. In combination with all the body doubles moving around, the Caravan, and the various announcements President Trump plans to make in the next 12 days, it appears that:

01 The Khashoggi story is over, buried by a false flag caricature

02 The race to hold the House is within five seats either way.


Arab perspective singles out Hatice Cengiz, alleged girlfriend, as agent of Turkey who set Khoshoggi up.

Insights Into The Khashoggi Ordeal; Who And Why


Cengiz, a former Gülenist, released on the above-mentioned conditions and possible threats, might have introduced herself to Khashoggi as an undercover Gülenist, and she had a history to support her claim. Being a former Gülenist, she might have indeed kept a foot in the Gülenist camp, and with the diminishing support of the American Government to the Gulenist movement, she might have been recruited to source finance. The Gülenists might have eyed Saudi Arabia to take this role, and as the rift between the Saudi royals and Erdogan intensified after their former joint effort to topple the legitimate secular government of Syria, the Gülenists would have found in Al-Saud what represents an enemy of an enemy, and they had to find a way to seek Saudi support against Erdogan. MBS himself would have inadvertently invited the Gülenists to approach him when he announced, back in March 2018 during a visit to the Coptic Pope Tawadros II in Egypt, that the triangle of evil in the Middle East is comprised of Iran, Islamist extremists groups and Turkey, and, in naming Turkey, he obviously meant Erdogan personally.

Saudi crown prince sees a new axis of ‘evil’ in the Middle East

If any of the above scenarios are accurate, then the role of Erdogan in this story is not that of a scavenger who capitalized on the rift generated between the Saudis and America, but that he was instrumental in conjuring up and orchestrating the whole drama. Erdogan might have subjected the Saudi Government to the Gülen litmus test, and in such a case, the victim is Saudi Arabia and the scavenger is America seeking silence money in lieu of continued protection of Saudi interests.

In all of the above scenarios, Khashoggi would have been driven into the trap by his alleged fiancée and had his impunity revoked by the Saudi officials because he failed the test.

Read full article focused on Edogen setting Khashoggi up.

More indications are emerging that this is coup attempt angainst MBS backed by the Zionists and Turkey.  Bandar and Turki are not being mentioned but their ghosts are very much present.

Is Saudi Arabia safe in Mohammed bin Salman's hands?

Despite earlier reports of a body at one of the Saudi residences in Turkey,  today it appears that no body had been found, with or without fingers.

Erdogan demands Saudi Arabia reveal the location of Jamal Khashoggi's body


Berto Jongman

Khashoggi Drama – A Deal Has Been Made But Will It Hold?

Khashoggi BOMBSHELL: Britain ‘KNEW of kidnap plot and BEGGED Saudi Arabia to abort plans'

The Yemen war death toll is five times higher than we think – we can't shrug off our responsibilities any longer


Death photos debunked.

No, images of Khashoggi’s body have not been leaked online

CIA fingerprints (along with Mossad) on staged Khashoggi event.

Regime Change In Riyadh? The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MbS

UPDATE 17: The Zionists appear to be offering their secret police services, a very effective combination of cyber-spying and selective rendition & assassination, to Saudi Arabia and other dictators around the world. On balance Khoshoggi appears to have been a botched job whatever its intent.

DefDog: Zionists Help Dictators Hunt Dissidents and Gays World-Wide Zionist Strike 22

Saudi Arabia Secretly Purchased $250M Spy Package from Israel to Track Foreign Journalists and Activists

UPDATE 18: The CIA lied about the Russians hacking the election, could they be lying (or deceived by the Zionists) on MLB's role? President is CORRECT to say CIA assessment is “premature.”

We continue to believe that Princes Bandar and Turki were arranging a coup against MBS, and the meeting in Turkey was part of setting the stage. Audio and video is too easy to fake these days, we pray the President will trust his instincts and not rely on the crap that passes for “intelligence” these days.

We cannot stress the possibility of fakery enough.  The Zionists are world masters of “talking rocks” and other Hollywood-effect simulated conversations and actions.  Nothing CIA or NSA has is conclusive.

CIA Khashoggi findings ‘highly damaging' to Mohammed bin Salman

Trump: Reports on CIA Khashoggi assessment ‘premature'

See Also:

Mongoose: How Israel Fakes Out NSA with Signal Rocks that Simulate Syrian Army Transmissions About Sarin Gas UPDATE 2 NSA Incompetence

UPDATE 19: Sybel Edmunds in Turkey Confirms CIA-Mossad False Flag Fake Girlfriend, No Body

Breaking News- Khashoggi Case: A Massive PsyOp Concocted by CIA-MI6-Mossad

Update: The Former Head of Turkish Military Intelligence EXPOSES #Khashoggi Case as #CIA-MI6 Op + His Fiancé as FAKE Honey Trap!

@sibeledmonds on #Khashoggi > I can tell you this much: A Massive Multi-Nation PsyOp- Nothing They Say Is True; Nothing!

The Khashoggi Case is a massive PsyOp concocted by MI6, CIA and Mossad, with the cooperation and participation of certain high-level Saudi Government intelligence officers.

Yesterday I broke the news on the bombshell revelations by Former Director of the Turkish Military Intelligence Services, General Ismail Hakki Pekin, via Oda TV Live Coverage on Nov 21. See the 6-min video clip below

Read full report including break between CIA and MI-6.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Sybel was not, as she claims, the first to scope out the falseness of this matter. I was. And I did it without having to travel to Turkey. She has made superb contributions with her post, and I am glad to have her confirm my original analytics. I continue to believe that CIA, in alliance with Princes Bandar and Turki, has been actively involved in a coup attempt against MbS and therefore against President Trump and the US Government. In my view, President Trump is on solid ground in rejecting CIA's false report and maintaining our relations with the Saudis. He should, however, demand an end to Saudi predation against Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Ideally he should also expel multiple Mossad officers from the USA while beginning a deep investigation of CIA officers reporting falsely to him on this matter.

UPDATE 20: Saudi Lead on Alledged Murder a Zionist Asset?

Saudi official sacked over Khashoggi murder ‘made secret visits to Israel'

Khashoggi's body has not been produced. The audios and videos are easily faked. On balance we support the President in not trusting the alliance between CIA and Princes Bandar and Turki, both of whom would like very much to put MbS to death and take over.

See Also:

Robert Steele: TIME Magazine Beneath Contempt — a CIA Mossad Asset as a “Guardian of Truth?” Seriously?

Robert Steele: Mr. President, the CIA Recording of bin Salman is a Fake — HOLD THE LINE!

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