SPECIAL: Zionist 9/11 Micro-Nukes UPDATE 1: 97% at MAGA Rallies Agree This Is Real

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From a source I had in the past who was in Israel, I personally believe that they developed micro-nukes based on lithium 7 and protons which function as implosive anti-matter micro-nukes placed ever ten floors in the twin-towers in the elevator shafts by now shut down elevator maintenance company that was working on elevators in both Buildings (ACE Elevator). but certainly mini-nukes from the stolen half pits pulled out of Army's nuclear artillery as well as Air Force stocks were used in the basements.  CIA of course knew all of this in advance.


Security Alerts, Disabled Fire Alarms, and Unused Elevators: Suspicious Events at the World Trade Center Before 9/11

Phi Beta Iota: It merits comment that nuclear stocks from the Soviet Union and other countries with nuclear artillery were no doubt equally accessible. The censorship of antimatter article (see a few from pre-censorship articles) suggest this became an expensive and very real top secret program).

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It was not just 350 missing nuclear pits, but fully one third of America’s post SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) inventory. The records of our nuclear weapons inventory had been systematically sabotaged to hide this attack on America’s weapons inventory, or so they thought. Able Danger established the presence of an espionage organization answerable personally to Benjamin Netanyahu. The organization included the then head of the Dept. of Energy, the AIPAC Lobby, the Anti-Defamation League, key commanders of America’s nuclear forces, the Joint Special Operations command under VP Dick Cheney, and members of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN organization. Their investigation had tied corrupt officials at the highest levels of the US Department of Energy to the leak of classified nuclear “pit” configuration data and altering records of decommissioned nuclear weapons. Three hundred fifty W54 nuclear warheads were missing from inventories at the Pantex nuclear facility in Amarillo, Texas. An investigation team led by Roland Carnaby, the CIA agent killed in a mysterious shooting in 2005, discovered that the missing “pits” had been stolen and taken to a nearby meat packing facility, where they were sorted using leaked DOE data in order to allow them to be safely melted down and reconfigured to replace the depleted Israeli stockpile. Investigators from the DOE and IAEA confirm that weapons from this stolen stockpile were used in the demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 — nuclear “pits” originally produced at the Hanford DOE facility in Washington. This information was part of the highly classified 2003 9/11 report given to congressional and White House leaders only.

Source: CIA Torture Report Incriminates Dick Cheney

ROBERT STEELE: Able Danger was not Gordon's source, that is some kind of obfuscation. I have been hearing about micro-nukes for years. The joke in the Marine Corps was that the nuclear grenade worked great, but they could not find anyone that could throw it far enough (including with a grenade launcher). I am personally satisfied that micro-nukes exist and that the radiation issues were solved. I am also personally satisfied that the USAF and elements of the US Army are totally corrupt and has never had a grip on our nuclear materials from storeroom to silo. I am personally satisfied that many in Congress and various White House staff have had full knowledge of all of this, but chosen to betray the United States of America and their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign — George H. W. Bush and  Dick Cheney stand out as the mega-criminal here, with all others including the Clintons being second string criminals richly deserving of indictment. We do not have an honest counter-intelligence capability in the USA — the FBI is commits treason on its own and it lets CIA get away with treason.  ENOUGH, all ready!

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Alert Reader reports that a one-page version of this post was shown to one hundred participants at a recent MAGA rally and only three said “I don't want to be believe that.” Alert Reader concludes that we are winning — the public is waking up to the 9/11 atrocity generally and the Zionist role and nuclear option specifically.

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