Mongoose: Missing Children Recovered in Ohio, Les Wexner’s Complex of Children’s Hospitals and Underground Tunnels Not Discussed

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Ohio USMS Operation “Autumn Hope”: 45 Missing Children Physically Recovered, 109 Human Trafficking Survivors Rescued, 177 Arrests…

Phi Beta Iota: This is significant because Ohio is where Les Wexner, known to have funded the Mossad’s pedophilia entrapment operations, runs a ring of “children’s hospitals” believed to be on top of an underground tunnel network. there are hundreds of thousands of children still unaccounted for.

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John Petersen: Masks Don’t Work, Fake Numbers Exposed

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It’s clear: Every one of the best 17 scientific studies say “Masks don’t work” … not even for surgeons

All of the best scientific studies for the last 45 years have shown conclusively that face masks don’t offer any protection for viruses (or even infections, in the case of surgeons):

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