Worth a Look: MKULTRA Never Ended (98 Pages “Fiction”)

Worth A Look
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This book is a fictional representation of true events in which names, initials, and situations have been changed to secure safety for my loved ones, professionals who have helped me at great risk, and myself.
This is the story of American corporate and governmental life today, thanks to the Cold War that spawned the CIA Operation Paperclip and MK-Ultra mind control programs.

Even the secret space program now in operation began with Nazi physics and mind control. Because all of this has been cloaked for over a half century in “national security,” the American public is oblivious to the existence of the evils now embedded in the very structure of its institutions and government agencies, like the post-9/11 Department of Homeland Security.

It is long past time to awaken the public to what victims like myself are undergoing every day and night of the week at work and at home.

Phi Beta Iota Copy: Book Fiction 98 Pages Advanced MK Ultra by Jian Liang

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but there are clearly US Government programs that are out of control, not only funded by the US taxpayer (or borrowing in the taxpayers name without Constitutional authority) but also funded by off-shore and perhaps even off-planet entities. We have a very long way to go before we can restore the Republic Of, By, and For We the People.

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