Rebecca Campbell: Tesla Free Zero Point Energy — a Trump Go Ahead?

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Visiv, the new company soon testing this Zenneck wave-based Tesla free zero point energy-based technology, has two retired USAF generals as corporate officers, as well as a respected Tesla-like long-time electrical engineer/inventor, a former energy company executive and a CFO who has both accounting and legal credentials.

They specifically state on their website, indicating that this form of wireless may not only be vastly more efficient, elegant and safer than all existing wireless electrical technologies — including the hazardous 4G/5G now on the market — but that it will soon be allowed by major market forces to displace its existing less viable, less safe competition:

The fact that Visiv is now able to be so public about working with free zero-point energy after so many free energy inventors have been for so long shut down, persecuted and/or terminated by the globalist deep state, would tend to indicate that positive elements in the the US military-industrial complex under business-oriented President Donald Trump — likely the Earth Alliance — have quietly approved this truly revolutionary energy startup venture. And if this free zero point energy technology succeeds in passing its current testing phase — as did Tesla and others' work in America well over a century ago and since — it is going to cut globalist plans for continuing energy centralization and dominance — as well as 5G genocide/ecocide — off at their goose-stepping knees! 

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

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