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Reflections for the President on:

  • Energy & Water
  • Space and Air Force
  • CIA, FBI, & Intelligence Community
  • Education in the USA
  • The American Family Under Attack
  • Fake News
  • Election Fraud

Energy and Water …  The United States is searching for much needed “alternative energy”, however, as with all countries of the world we are learning that solar and the 3 blade wind turbines are not effective in cost or in production of energy.   China, the largest installer of solar panels in the world, ceased all installations of solar panels as it realized that solar panels cannot work on a large scale for two reasons.  They only produce energy for short unpredictable periods of time and you cannot ramp up and shut down nuclear, coal and natural gas fired power plants on a moment’s notice.  The more you install the worse the situation becomes.  Secondly, the storage battery investment prohibits all but grid connect installations so there is no way to economically store energy during the few hours of the day with solar panels for the time when the sun does not shine.   The 3 blade wind turbines have been an economic and ecological disaster.  They simply do not work with 95% of the wind blowing through them.   The only reason they exist is because of ill spent government subsidies.   In October 2018 my JMCC WING Generator and Atmospheric Water Generator Technology were selected as the XPRIZE “Technology Innovation Achievement Award” (photo attached of winning system at my research center in Hawaii) competing against 98 international corporations.  One of Robert David Steele’s directions is a Manhattan Project style effort for energy and water.  I have both technologies and the patented WING design can be made large enough to replace nuclear and coal power plants.   For 18 years my company JMCC Water Filters has been the premier company developing filter technology for home and commercial applications.   We do not have a world water shortage problem, we have a world water management problem (again due to companies like Nestle, Coca Cola, etc. and world banks owning water rights that prevent true water management for agriculture and human use).  We do need a national effort but devoid of large failing corporations like GE and Siemans which have profited with government subsidies for their failed 3 blade wind turbine technology.   The JMCC WING Generator is the solution and it is time for a national program.  In 10 years we can be completely converted to electrical transportation and a 100% wind electric driven economy.   We must maintain coal as a viable national energy resource but in greatly reduced amounts, saving this valuable resource for future generations.  We must immediately decommission all US nuclear power plants all of which are beyond their commissioned life times, all of which are leaking nuclear radiation into the environment, and all of which are going to cost far more to decommission than has been saved by the failing US Energy companies that operate these economic ecological disasters.   Water and its issues are fundamental to our existence on this planet.   We can control waste and pollution and maintain the quality of our water but it will take water management that has been lacking in the past.   Water filtration if necessary on local levels to remove both man created and naturally occurring hazards such as arsenic which is common in most drinking water sources in the USA.

Space and Air Force … NASA has been 70 years of waste and disaster.   Our air force and NASA collectively have no space capability.   They have concentrated on one of a kind expensive projects that do not benefit the public nor promote us as a space fairing nation.   We should have an air force suborbital capability for instantly moving of equipment and troops to any part of the globe in hours.   NASA is once again bent on a course of 25 years of waste claiming they are going to send a few men to the moon and then mars.   We need to be developing capabilities to send hundreds or thousands of people into space in the near future, not just a few select astronauts in 25 years.   We have to dismantle the 95% administrative overhead of NASA and direct it in two directions.   Military will be handled by Trump’s Space Force and the civilian branch should be redirected away from rockets to reusable runway to space systems.   Rather than building one or two space craft we need dozens if not hundreds of space craft bringing in data from around the solar system.   Like autos and refrigerators, space craft will cost much less when mass produced.   NASA is stuck in a series of outdated and incorrect theories regarding space and hopefully you are aware that there are “tiers” of science (tier 1, 2, 3 etc).   What most believe to be NASA’s top line scientists are really tier 2 lackeys who project garbage science to keep the public dumbed down.  The public including our kids never see real science.  Why after 80 years of government supported space science can NASA still not get a mouse into space?!  In the 1980s I developed Magnetic propulsion systems (non-inertial systems) that should be used for space which are available only to tier 1 science.  While private companies are now realizing the simplicity of runway to space launch systems, systems that were in use post WWII in the “X-Plane” programs, NASA continues on the 1960s mentality of a single huge rocket that costs billions to stage and single launches years apart.   This was a failed model in the past so why is NASA and our Air Force continuing with this failed model?    In the Obama administration (one of the few good things Obama accomplished) a group of scientists convened and concluded that NASA could not go to the moon and the failing program was scrapped.   Why has it been revived again?    NASA is a smoke screen for real science and must be completely dismantled and replaced with a real space program.  In 1992 when Dan Golden was brought from the CIA by George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton (Bush and Clinton being old business partners in the illicit CIA drug trafficking through Mena Arkansas) … Golden was brought in to head up NASA and “put the lid on” as I call it.   NASA has been under CIA control ever since including its controlled press release agencies which homogenize, blend, pasteurize and sanitize science news from NASA for you the listening public.

CIA FBI and the Intelligence Community … the CIA is still involved in the international drug and human trafficking business and funding world wide chaos of governments for their bosses in the “new world order” European Banker Cartel.  Much of the world international problems stem from CIA covert activity which damages the USA and additionally gives the USA a bad image around the world.   It launders its illicit international money also through its “Venture Capital” group called In-Q-Tel owning over 600 companies used in surveillance and “remote sensing” technologies.  Ask yourself … where in the CIA budget does it have enough funds to purchase 600 high tech companies ? The CIA is not American.  The CIA has never been American.  Do away with the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies that spy on US citizens and redirect our national and international intelligence community to defend the USA.   Robert David Steele outlines these in his vast amounts of published information.   On this one has to be careful since they intend to protect their turf… remember the last president that tried to eliminate the CIA was John Kennedy.  Gorge Bush Senior was in control of the White House ever since.   Remember the Bushes supported Hillary Clinton who would have been the continuation of the Bush Clinton Dynasty in Washington D.C. and the wholesale destruction of the USA as we know it.

Education in the USA … Education in the USA is the biggest enemy to our future as a society and culture.  This includes K-12, college and university, and graduate school.   The so called “teacher certificate” is the biggest hindrance to good education, preventing vast numbers of highly qualified professionals from teaching in our schools.   Our students are being force fed false information of which 95% could not possibly be true in history, science, political science and world view.   Students emerge without a clue as to how the rest of the world lives or how they perceive the USA.  Teacher regulations prevent teachers from teaching any topics not “approved” in the syllabus limiting them to only approved topics.   Political agendas have infiltrated the schools at all levels in the form of hiring based on political views and not hiring teachers, professors and academics who differ from the liberal agenda school boards and higher education administrations.   Freedom of speech is prohibited.   US students fall short under the guise of “diversity”.  Most universities boast “diversity” but in reality, are not diverse at all, supporting a widely liberal agenda only.   Someone should teach the schools that diversity is not just the color of your skin.  Diversity is not present in the most important aspect of education … in the freedom of DIVERSE EXPRESSION.   Education is the failure of the USA.  The system of education is currently so remotely adrift from any reality that it will take a major corrective action to bring any semblance of normality.   One last “fun fact” is that in K-12 schools, women make up 87% of the teaching staff.   The few males that are there are usually in the form of coaches, etc.  If this number were reversed you would never hear the end of it.   But what is the problem with our youth growing up in the most influential places and times of their lives without a male presence?  School shooters have 2 things in common … psychotropic drugs administered by the schools and lack of a father or adult male figure in their lives.  The control of the minds of the youth is a well orchestrated plan to take over the USA through terms like “diversity” and to remove the true history of the USA and its heritage.   Most students cannot tell you anything about our history (try asking them on the street some day and be shocked !) This is by design.   A country that loses its history is destined to be taken over and all of its standards demolished.

The American Family Under Attack … The unit of the Family is under attack in the USA.  It is coming in so many ways you cannot keep track of them all.  From Hollywood, Musics, TV series to the evening news … from government programs to health care not to mention education.   Rebuilding the American Family to what it was as the building block of society will be one of the most challenging aspects of the future.  Giving parents control of their family decisions in health, education and welfare is going to take an ongoing strong conscious effort.

Fake News … As a scientist for decades I have been battling “Fake Science News” but it is as prevalent in standard news reporting as it is in science.   Most people do not even know how much their perception of reality is formed by purely fake news.   During and after the first Gulf War, the CIA realized that it did not have good control of the news media.  As a result, its first major purchase was CNN (the CIA News network).   They used illicit drug money to purchase many news outlets into a perfectly woven fabric of coordinated and controlled media outlets.  In the 2016 presidential election the public finally woke up en masse to fake news.

Election Fraud … As a mathematician and expert in statistics, prior to the 2016 presidential election I began an analysis of election fraud producing an extensive white paper on national election fraud (and also studied election fraud in other countries).   I defined 10 of the major forms of election fraud and then after the 2016 presidential election followed up with an extensive mathematical treatise on election fraud using “regression analysis”, a statistical method well proven which analyses real data such as in manufacturing, engineering and in this case … election fraud.   I was surprised to find the most prevalent form of election fraud became number 11 on my list which was changing election results at the local precinct level.   Using election results and four different approaches to analyzing the 2016 election results I found that consistently all four methods showed that Hillary Clinton received about 17 million votes from election fraud.   These came from just 10 locations in the USA, in fact these were the same 10 locations that in the 2018 mid-term elections gave us a democratic held House of Representatives.   President Trump appointed a commission to study election fraud and returned not finding any significant signs of it.  Quite frankly you would have to be blind not to see this when properly investigated and presented.  My studies showed down to the precinct levels where the cheating was occurring.   Election fraud is one the top fundamental problems affecting the future of the USA.   If we cannot have fair elections then our republic is going to be doomed to be controlled by small interest groups that have only themselves and their agendas in mind.   Furthermore, these groups are associated with and controlled by groups outside the USA.

The USA faces many problems in the future but these seven problems rank as the highest.   They are not going to go away quietly and need a full frontal attack to expose them and take them to task.

James McCanney M.S. Physics – Host of “The James McCanney Science Hour – At the Crossroads” from WWCR Nashville, TN    web page    www.jmccsci.com

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