Koko: Alert Reader on Near Future — China Rules, US Allies with Russia

Commercial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader, retired senior intelligence officer, writes in:

Robert, in my opinion Russia has already established control over the Middle East by defeating ISIS, ISIL, Daesh et al. Putin's incredible ability to negotiate win/win trade deals and weapons purchases of Russian advanced defensive weapons by so many Mideast nations is expanding the Russian Federation's economy. All these advanced weapon systems have secret Russian software backdoors accessible by satellite and other secret means that can be activated to easily prevent their use against the Russian Federation or its actual allies, so Putin has no fear of them being misused.

The BRICS, new electronic swift type money wire system of China, the massive Silk Road industrial development project, the dumping of US debt and the certain coming death of the US Petro dollar, mean that Russian Federation's complete dominance over the Mideast and Europe is a certainty unless the Cabal provokes or starts a full scale nuclear ICBM-based WW#3. NATO is going to dissolve soon, Germany will become a very strong trading partner with the Russian Federation, and France will jump on board soon just to get their oil and gas. All these changes signal the final coming death knell for the COL based British Empire that went covert (into world banking and narcotics) after their Naval power waned.

America's hijackers (the COL Cabal) have literally asset stripped America and now will shrivel up and go away without a new nation to parasitize. The Cabal was planning to build China up and make it their new host to suck dry, but Chinese have a long memory and cannot forget how the COL railroad men abused Chinese workers and the Opium wars when the COL tried to turn China into a nation of Opium addicts. Unless something changes, looks like China will be the new powerhouse running the world. They are already all over Central and South America and Africa and XI continues like Putin to negotiate win/win trade deals.

As the Cabal shrinks in power and is displaced by China and Russia, and the old American doofuses are pushed from power, Americans have the choice of learning to be a good neighbor and establish win/win relations with the Russian Federation or they will be not be around much longer as China rises. The top Russian leaders fear China and are highly motivated to form a strong trading Alliance with America and Europe to establish a counter balance against China. This is a  great opportunity for America to become strong again without feeding the military industrial complex that uses our youth as Cabal cannon-fodder. Stay tuned this is going to get very interesting faster than most expect. Watch their confusion as the big doofuses are dislodged from power with no remedy.

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