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George Kavassilas

6 Star – Will Explode Your Mind and Free Your Heart to Achieve Infinite Soul Expansion

There are thousands of extra-terrestial stellar civilizations, some evil, most humane (pun intended). The pineal gland is an implanted biological feature that enables the worst of these civilization to control our elites at one level (Satanic blood rites) and the rest of us at another level (dumbed down acceptance of fake government, fake media, fake religions, and predatory toxic corporations).

It must be said up front that this book and the cosmic view it outlines celebrates the feminine and condemns the manner in which priesthoods, explicitly including the Catholic Church and its Inquisition, have sought to demonize and marginalize the feminine with all its gifts.

This is a very high quality paperback book with many color images, published in 2012, a year that is widely regarded among those paying attention to these matters as the beginning of a 1,000 years of peace and transformation on Earth.

Manipulation of History

History has been manipulated, to include deliberately inaccurate translations of Biblical texts.  I am especially impressed by one correction of the record that clearly documents a Hebrew text referring to “before the moon.” This appears in the later section documenting the moon as an artificial craft.

The author is compelling in condemning the manner in which history has been distorted to create multiple forms of priesthoods and elites that are parasites on society, while create a “status quo” of rote learning, conformity, and subservience to an economics and politics that favor the 1% over the 99%.

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Who Are We and Where Do We Come From?

This is a very ably presented overview, including a critical graphic showing twelve levels of consciousness, that also offers a foundation for the rest of the book expanding on core concepts: to include we are each infinite; unconditional love is the foundation for cosmic consciousness (conditional love is a fear-based trap that enables hierarchical societies that crush individual sovereignty; and more.

What Are We Doing Here?

Life in its purest form is light energy, compressed consciousness, and unconditional love. The Sun is the masculine, the Earth is the feminine, humans are unique as a microcosm of the full diversity of the Universe, with the potential to spread life [but the book is clear that there  is life everywhere, stars are actually planets, their life forms are simply different.]

The Supreme Cosmic Deception

I found this chapter fascinating in part because it asserts that pineal gland (the size of a grain of rice) was inserted thousands of years ago as a control channel. This matters because it is the pineal gland that is associated with Satanic rituals that thrive on adrenochrome which is produced by tortured animals, children being the primary source for our depraved elites. In a closely related short chapter that follows, the author trashes every religion as a fraud that integrates false myths, intermediary priests as controllers for the elite against the masses, and rituals that repress evolution by individuals.

Below is an image of the levels of consciousness and embodiment, toward the higher end one becomes pure light and energy. Understanding the duplicitous force or false god / false enlightenment “wall” is central to human liberation. The shadow area below is the “synthetic universe,” what Jon Rappoport calls “The Matrix” that traps people in a false universe that serves the 1%.

Extra-Terrestials, Inter-Dimensionals, & The Moon Base

This is an important chapter in part because it makes clear that those extra-terrestials offering a “free ride” to escape Earth are in fact luring humans into eternal servitude at a higher level, preventing them from staying put, healing the Earth, and going all the way to the 12th level of consciousness.

The Moon is discussed concisely.  Artificial craft, synchronized so that it always has a dark side invisible to earth and is able to impact on both female menstrual cycles and tides/water (human body is 70% water). Inside the artificial craft is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing engine that makes the National Security Agency look like a pimple on the ass of a donkey. The author asserts that the Moon was once a spacecraft with an earth-like surface that was used to populate life across galaxies.

Saturn (where NASA is said to have bases on the rings) is the source of electromagnetic pollution in partnership with the Moon, in combination they use the pineal gland to “tune” humanity away from unconditional love and toward a “divide and conquer” melange of hatreds and deceptions.

The author includes in this chapter a short statement on how the more evil extra-terrestials made deals with the US and other governments to provide advanced technologies in exchange for the right to “experiment” on N number of humans, but limited the technology to silicon or “hard” technologies instead of light technologies, such that we have been trapped in a “hard wired” technical paradigm that is now known to be very toxic (5G) while failing to evolve past the “command and control” technologies we were “gifted.”

Where Are We Headed?

This is a philosophical chapter, and one that makes the point that each person is perfect just the way  they are, and will awaken and evolve at the right time. There is no justification for expectations defined by others, or guilt over not meeting those expectations. The author makes the point about technology generally that Jerry Mander made about television:

Review: In the Absence of the Sacred–The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations

The author takes pains to trash the various spiritual movements that profer earthly salvation and an increase in personal spirituality, equating them to religions in their fraudulence. We are perfect as we are, we should reject all external religions, movements, governments, etcetera that seek to define perfection or regulation acceptability.

Awakening to a Free and Sovereign Spirit

Let go and be.

Honor the Sun and the Earth, not Saturn and the Moon.

Know that we have a cosmic role and there is no religion that merits any role in standing between us and infinity.

It bears mention that the History Channel series on Ancient Aliens is often on background in my office, and I credit them with the best possible soft disclosure endeavor possible. Extra-terrestials are very  real, the matter is settled, deal with it.

The book is a  capstone work, so much so that I have decided to take the time to itemize all the book reviews published at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog with respect to Intelligence (extraterrestrial) in order to provide a broader foundation for my summary of assertions made by the author that I embrace. Those links can be found at the end of this review.

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