Robert Steele: Apology and Retraction for Ted Broer

Cultural Intelligence

Sometime in December I published several posts from Ted Broer, and I modified, without consulting him, one of the post titles (my editorial privilege) by including a variation of a vulgar word commonly used within the US military for emphasis.

This appears to have offended some people who are both subscribers to my blog, and followers and admirers of Ted Broer.

When Ted pointed this out to me, within hours of publication, I immediately corrected the title, deleting the word I had inserted, but this evidently was not enough for those who took umbrage, which I find quite sad.

I humbly and sincerely apologize to Ted for inserting a vulgar word into a title associated with his work.

I have deleted Ted’s other posts, he is clearly too dependent on a mercurial crowd that can hurt him financially, it is best if we do not cross fertilize. He retains my respect as one of the most able critics of both Zionism and US evangelicals bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed by Zionists.

Those who are offended by the measured use of vulgarity should immediately unsubscribe from this website.  The control of language is the first step toward the control of minds, and the censorship and digital assassination now occurring on a grand scale.  While I could have refused Ted’s request, he seems to be suffering and I would not want him to suffer for something I have done, so I do apologize and retract….

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