Deb Diener: 316 Pages on Mormon Child Sex Abuse (Pedophilia)

07 Other Atrocities

This document is a 316 page compilation of quotes from Public Documents which include Legal Complaints; Appellate Court Rulings; Rulings on Legal Motions; Newspaper accounts; and the Boy Scouts of America Ineligible file documents. The document spans the years 1959-2017. All links are provided.

Transparency is the only way children will be protected.

I intend to continue this type of research with other churches and organizations.  I am a North Carolina RN and a Legal Nurse Consultant. I worked ICU, CCU and ED. I served our country for 12 years in the Army Nurse Corp and even though I am a medical professional I did not know about the lifetime consequence of child abuse because it was not my nursing specialty.

Six children in my community were abused by the very same predator.  An organization failed to report the predator and protect the children. I had no idea that an abuser could be in my midst. These criminals are incredibly good at deception and can even fool experts,  so it is imperative that we un-shield every perpetrator possible to protect our children.

In  an effort to help these children, I researched 1500 journal articles from the most authoritative research institutes. As a Major in the Army Nurse Corps, I have seen human suffering. I have held the hand of the dying; seen human courage as veterans cope with unfathomable war injuries but I have never witnessed human anguish emanating from a little child. Never, not until I witnessed a child, for the first time, speaking about being sexually abused-it was as if her soul was crushed under the weight she was carrying.  She was inconsolable and cried for over thirty minutes as she told what had happened to her and her body shook uncontrollably. She screamed a scream I will never forget! No child should experience such sorrow! And sadly, I have seen this sorrow in the eyes of adults who were abused when they were children. We need to give a voice to the voiceless.

I opened a public service Facebook page to educate parents and anyone who has children in their care about child abuse-it’s lifelong health consequences, extent of the problem, how to better protect children, the universal predator grooming techniques, laws which place children at high risk and more.    Children Matter is focused on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse using a comprehensive evidence-based approach to advocate for children; encourage child protective legislation, and educate those with children in their care in order to prevent child sexual abuse. Children Matter’s primary prevention focus is on increasing the awareness about Child Sexual Abuse and in the process empowering adults and children.

I have spoken to legislators and a bill has been proposed here in NC and it has been passed by the House with overwhelming support.  It is in the Senate at this time but it is stuck in committee.  I have heard that the BSA are lobbying hard against this.  Any law which shields a predator should be changed because it places children at grave risk of being harmed.

I teach college level Crisis Intervention classes focused on toxic stress and the developing brain as a volunteer visiting expert. In addition I have  developed a comprehensive child protection policy for religious organizations which is evidenced based best practices based on the most authoritative research available.

On behalf of a six year old child whose hand trembled as she testified against her abuser I have created the ‘Beary Brave Bear Brigade’. This child said she wished she had a teddy bear to hold and she wanted to collect teddy bears for children who have to testify just like her, so no child would have to testify without having a bear to hold. So I am trying to make that happen.  We have donated over 1000 bears so far to NC Children Advocacy Centers, Wake County Guardian ad Litem,  Raleigh and Cary PD and Safe Child.  Several people have instituted this program in their State.


Deb Diener RN BSN CLNC

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