Ed Jewett: Cosmic Convergence on The Phoenix Event — Is Donald Trump the Wild Card and Are Military Tribunals the Next Move?


When and how will the folks in the hinterlands know if the military tribunal allegations are real?

THE PHOENIX MOMENT: An Inescapable Global Event Is Close At Hand

The very fact that Trump shut down the U.S. government actually bodes very well for the nation as well as for the world-at-large.  This shutdown is giving the American people a perfect opportunity to see just how little the government really does.  It’s will also reveal the profound and pervasive damage inflicted by the Deep State-run U.S. Federal Government both domestically and internationally. The bottom line here is that only when the USA fundamentally changes it’s bellicose behavior will there be any chance of an enduring world peace… … …making a full-scale Phoenix Moment quite unnecessary.

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