Gordon Duff: The Deep State’s Secret War on Russia — MH-17, Another False Flag from Israel Soon…

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The Deep State’s Secret War on Russia

Between PMCs (Private Military Contractors) and the internet monstrosities of Google and Facebook, engineering false flag terrorism and mass murder is likely to become a real market sector alongside the Dow Jones Industrials.

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Evidence from sources in Kiev now indicate that the downing of MH17 in 2014 involved Israeli teams operating in Kiev, Israeli pilots flying from bases in Ukraine and Azerbaijan and the use of MH17 as a “human shield.”

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ROBERT STEELE: I took the trouble to call on Gordon Duff for a couple of days of direct conversation (just as I did with Benjamin Fulford), and I came away deeply impressed by Gordon's deep broad knowledge that was on display for 48 hours together — names, dates, places, he has it all.  He may well be the foremost US commentator on Zionist nuclear terrorism including  9/11, and on Zionist false flag operations all over the world — not only in the Middle East but elsewhere. I include as a subset assassinations and renditions carried by Zionists on behalf of dictators and criminal families worldwide.

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